back to article Australia ignores data retention in summer slack-off

The Australian federal government's strategy of conducting inquiries on a short time-scale approaching holidays is paying off in spades when it comes to data retention. The Register has already noted the government's rushed Christmas-eve questionnaire to the telecommunications industry about the costs of data retention. There …

  1. hitmouse

    This is one of many issues where the Australian government just keeps having enquiries on the subject until it gets the answer it wants or it simply exhausts the electorate.

    There have been earlier enquiries on very similar topics, so many people may be forgiven for thinking they have already responded.

    1. dan1980


      Maybe. More likely they'll just push ahead regardless of what feedback they get.

      Previous attempts lost steam due to other factors, the most recent one (by Labor) because they were looking so shaky in the polls. This shows that the government (either party) is lying when it claims that there is broad public support for it. If there was then Labor would have gone through with it instead of backing down because it would have given them a BOOST to their numbers.

      The best way to prevent this (current) attempt is to make sure the Coalition's numbers go WAY down. Unfortunately, it's not quite close enough to an election for them to worry about bad numbers as much as Labor did last time.

      1. hitmouse

        As you note Labor's stated position on these (and other) matters isn't visibly different to that of the Liberals so it's hard to give feedback on single issues at the polls.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My privacy

    Trumps any poorly written laws

  3. jjcoolaus

    They will do it anyway and we'll just get VPNs

    Is what most IT minded people are probably thinking.

    We have seen it so many times in the past, that we know no matter how much public opposition there is to something, the govt will press on with it anyway or the best we can hope for is reduce it a bit. For things like PPL (paid parental leave) scaling it back might be fine - but data retention is really a all or nothing proposal.

    They just keep telling us that this will fight terrorism, and your un-australian if you don't want to fight terrorism.

  4. Mark 65 Silver badge

    Seriously dude?

    Unless Australians get over their habitual December-to-Easter slack-off, the Attorney-General will be able to credibly claim that the lack of opposition to the data retention bill represents a kind of consent to it, and will proceed.

    This c*nt is going to proceed regardless. Whether or not he has any kind of implied consent is utterly irrelevant. No need for niceties when the jackboot of justice is on the throat of privacy and freedom.

  5. eatdicks

    The Data Retention Act passed and all ISPs will record everything for 2 years.

    This law is aimed at stopping whistle blowers

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