Yet another backup software woe

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  1. Terje

    Yet another backup software woe

    I have finally after way to many years of patchy manual and less then regular backups of my home system, taken the plunge and invested in some new disks to use solely for backup.

    I have quite a lot of junk that needs to go into the backup but most of it is static, the total size today is about 2.8TB of backup data and grows "slowly"

    The backup scheme I want to use is as follows it has holes but those I can live with and is the compromise I have come up with.

    3 disks are used.

    1x 4Tb disk for the full backup which after being done about once every 6 months rests in a offhome location ie My parents house for those house burned down recovery situations.

    2x 1Tb disks for a differential every other week or so, and the second for daily incrementals. The disk with the differential backups will be offline when not used and only the daily incremental disk constantly plugged.

    Now to my problem, having used and been pretty happy with acronis backup before I tried to use that but realised that it was just not able to do anything without having access to the full backup and tries to do a full backup (which will obviously not fit) instead of an differential / incremental.

    Can anyone recommend a program that manages to do differential / incremental backups without access to full/differentials, that is user friendly enough that I don't have to spend a weekend trying to set it up and is either free or has a realistic pricepoint for home use?

  2. Grunth0s_T_Flatulent

    You could try Veeam Endpoint Protection ... it is free, and currently in release candidate stage (no plans to introduce a fee for it). Not entirely sure it will hit all of your requirements, but can't hurt to try :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    full / differential / incremental backup tool

    Recommend you Easeus todo backup, support full / differential / incremental backups. use it for file/disk/partition/system backup & recovery.

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