back to article Sphere 3D: Our pop-out 2TB disk product? Of COURSE it's rugged

Forget Overland Storage – that company has merged with Sphere 3D, which added its software virtualisation technologies, like Glassware, to the Overland line of SnapServer, SnapScale, SnapSAN, NEO and RDX disk array, tape library and removable disk products. And now it has got itself an RDX QuikStor removable disk product –r …

  1. FartingHippo

    Very disappointed

    None of those products are ball-like, or even round. Sphere 3D my arse (which is actually more true - curse you, Christmas!).

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Very disappointed

      Indeed, I was looking forward to having a ball with these…

    2. Suricou Raven

      Re: Very disappointed

      Any spherical data storage device must be named 'mollysphere,' just so that a very small number of people may be smug when they get the reference.

  2. end_user

    Proof I'm Old

    In 1995 the IOMEGA Jaz 2GB external drive was born. Now 20 years it has grown to 2TB and changed it name.

    1. LaeMing

      Re: Proof I'm Old

      If your parents named you 'Jazz', you'd probably change it when you grew up too.

    2. DNTP

      Re: Proof I'm Old

      I welcome this opportunity to relive my IT media processing experiences of the 90s by shoving big slabs of electronics encased in thick plastic into slightly larger slabs of electronics encased in thick plastic. Hopefully they will release the second edition of this product soon, which will replace the opaque gray casing with a vaguely translucent graphite or blue case, with appropriate LEDs. Then there will be the internal mount version, where the connector is placed at an angle inside your case accessible only to Hounds of Tinados, or possibly trigger your OS to write system files to the removable disk causing your computer to hang when the drive is removed.

      Seriously though, if they've put any thought at all into this thing it has to turn out better than the multitude of high capacity diskslab systems of bygone eras.

    3. Steve Knox

      Re: Proof I'm Old

      You're not old enough to remember SyQuest? Baby.

      1. Down not across

        Re: Proof I'm Old

        I've long lost the stack of SQ400s I had.

        I did stumble across a box of CompacTape cartridges however.

    4. Oninoshiko

      Re: Proof I'm Old

      Jazz drives are the first think I though of too.

      God, 2G seemed like so much then.

  3. Suricou Raven

    I took one of those RDXs apart once. It's just a plain old hard drive in a protective box. They certainly charge a lot of that box.

    1. Gareth Jones

      Yes Suricou Raven. Not only that, but should the disk fail and you're tempted to buy a much cheaper 2½" disk to replace the internals, you'll find that they've nobbled the system to only accept their own overpriced disks.

  4. Douchus McBagg

    darn it, I thought I was going to one up you with "Bernoulli drive" but a quick google shows SyQuest had a product to market in 1982, a year earlier than iomega's drive.

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