back to article Aw, don't be iDict! Apple kills brute force iCloud cracker

Apple has applied a security update that breaks a recently distributed iCloud hacking tool that took advantage of the flaw that led to the mass hack of nudie pics belonging to celebs including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. iDict was purportedly created to force Cupertino into belatedly fixing a wide open security flaw most …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    So, iDict is now a DoS tool instead? The installation could be smaller because the new dictionary would only be 5 lines long...

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    "Apple, just like many other companies, does typically detect this type of abuse and locks down the particular account being probed. What seems to happen here, [with] the 'exploit', is a failure to notice the brute force attack and therefore [a] failure to prevent it."

    So is he trying to make the excuse the attack wasn't brutish enough? Wow, a polite force attack, whodathunk!

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