back to article BlackBerry: Internet of Things! Smartwatches! Anything but the sound of a flushing toilet

BlackBerry used this year's CES conference in Las Vegas to make the case for a comeback, touting not just two new smartphones but also moves into wearables and the internet of things (IoT). On the wearables front, the beleaguered Canadian firm showed off a version of its BlackBerry Messenger client that runs on Android Wear …

  1. xBURK

    Can We Get Over The Smart Ass Reporting?

    Seriously, your style of writing in regards to BlackBerry is not only dull and thoughtless, but you're setting yourself up to look even more ridiculous when BlackBerry actually fully comes back in the near future.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Can We Get Over The Smart Ass Reporting?

      Or maybe you're setting yourself up to look ridiculous, as they're only writing what everyone but the Blackberry fanboys know, that they're walking dead and will suffer Nokia or Palm's fate sometime in the next few years.

    2. Christian Berger

      The chances of BlackBerry surviving

      are so slim, I gladly take the risk of potentially sounding stupid in the future.

      Simply put BlackBerry's main product has evaporated, every Android or iOS or even Windows Phone box can now provide secret services monitored e-mail, and BlackBerry hasn't been able to establish itself in any new market.

      And they won't be able to establish themselves as they don't understand the uncovered parts of the market. Otherwise they'd implement open protocols and market their devices as "mobile terminals", allowing people to access SSH and RDP on the go.

  2. James 51

    I remember reading the Java licence and it said something like it shouldn't be used in critical situations like a nuclear power plant or submarine. The advantage QNX has is that it's built to be reliable and efficient from the ground up.

    Nokia, you mean that now profitable company with the excellent offline map software?

    1. Christian Berger

      QNX may be one of the better systems in the closed source embedded market...

      ...but that market is only used by companies which are unable to deal with FOSS. Those are the companies which fail to respond to a complaint about their license within 6 weeks. There is a strong correlation between companies knowing what they are doing and companies using Linux.

      Even if QNX was _vastly_ superior to anything else on the market, the sheer idiocy in the companies using it would annihilate any advantages and still create the inferior product.

      Other than that QNX is closed source, I haven't been able to look into the source, neither have I used it. However it is from the 1990s, and code "built to be reliable and efficient from the ground up" back then roughly meant what is the standard with FOSS software today. Quality standards in software were very bad back then.

      1. James 51

        Re: QNX may be one of the better systems in the closed source embedded market...

        Ah yes, the four sprung duck technique but that applies to QNX as well as FOSS. FOSS is ideologically purer but many companies will still choose to pay for support or go with closed software to lessen the burden of bringing products to market and keeping them there.

  3. GrumpyOldMan

    oh dear, oh dear...

    "...the beleaguered Canadian firm ..."

    So BB bashing is back again. Come ON El Reg! Are you sponsored by Apple and/or Google or what? BBs are some of the best phones out there and getting better. My Z10 is brilliant, bought it just after release, had no issues at all and can run Android apps if I so choose - but loads of apps are not really my thing. I've had BBs since 2002 - the old blue one - and love them. Proper security as well. My kids all have droids and only the case seems different.

    The Passport is a breath of fresh air and a superb design - if a bit wide, and the Classic sold out within hours of going on sale. Both my wife and I want one.

    Can we have a bit of unbiased reporting for a change - please.

    Pretty Please?

    1. Down not across

      Re: oh dear, oh dear...

      Can we have a bit of unbiased reporting for a change - please.

      Pretty Please?

      Erm, this is El Reg not the usual dull news site (even though fair few articles have been pretty much regurgitated press releases in last couple of years).

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    haha the joys of watching ever anti bb comment down voted out of existence by the 10 remaining hard core bb fan boys n girls out there who sit in wait and watch all the android and ios posts fly past in yearning for some about bb so they can still fell part of the in crowd.

    Whilst the rest of the world just largely ignores the threads with bb in the title, with the passing remark oh bb are they still going...

    That is apart from us few crazed fools who dare tread into the lions den to try voice our thoughts on the matter to only be told were all wrong bb is the best company ever and how the z10 farts unicorns.

    Honestly i used to think apple fan boys were the worst, but since most of the larger mass of non loyal bb users waked away to other more attractive platforms, to just leave the overly brand loyal handful of bb users that defend it with such vigor it makes you question if they are on the payroll ive definitely changed my mind.

    Pokes stick into the fire and blows on the proverbial embers....

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