back to article TPG unplugs NBN rival fibre to the basement service

Junior telco TPG has decided it will not proceed with a fibre to the basement (FTTB) product. TPG last year decided it would go after the FTTB market, which largely comprises large apartment buildings in which fibre to the premises is impractical. Building FTTB rigs and acting as a retailer was eminently possible under …

  1. kartstar

    Glad I connected my Pyrmont apartment in September then! Loving it! Abbott, Turnbull, and their cronies can go and get f*cked.

  2. jjcoolaus

    This headline is wrong

    They are not "unplugging it" nor are they "not proceeding" with it.

    They have simply delayed it's expansion and stopped selling new services, until they meet the new requirements.

    This is required under the law. It will be back.

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