back to article VMware: Storage data functions can and will migrate to flash media

VMware's CTO has revealed his belief that array and VSAN-level storage data service functions can, and will, move into flash media. He made the point on a recent blog that it is logical for physical block addressing to be dynamic rather than static. A disk drive's firmware maps logical block addresses (LBAs) to physical block …

  1. Steven Jones


    That, is rather clever. Of course once you realise that a flash storage device is really a miniaturised storage system, with it's own logical mapping it becomes obvious.

    However, one thing occurs to me and that is it will be necessary to be able to coordinate these functions over multiple devices. For example, it's very easy to see single point-in-time consistent snapshots might be required over multiple devices, and it would be nice to be able to delegate that functionality without invoking higher layers.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Array vendors kept disks from getting too smart/expensive in the past. First, it makes it less likely there'd be a second source for the innovation. Second, it compromised the array vendors' added value. Third, adding software features means more compute and RAM in the device, raising costs, in a business based on $/GB.

    Clearly none of these incentives would apply this time. Right?

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