back to article Sony-blasting Lizard Squad suspects quizzed by UK and Finnish cops

UK police have arrested a suspected member of the infamous Lizard Squad crew. The 22-year-old from Twickenham, south-west London, was arrested by police on Tuesday, and questioned about alleged fraud against PayPal as well as claims he is reportedly linked to Lizard Squad – a group of cyber-miscreants who made headlines …

  1. Amorous Cowherder

    The supposed "untouchable" ( and very cocky judging by their TV appearance ) Lizard Squad were quite as untouchable as they thought then!

    Kids with a lot of bravado, some obvious talent for coding and way, way too much time to on their hands. Sadly as a young adult you rarely think of tomorrow, you don't always have that firm grasp on the consequences of your actions that comes with age.

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon

      "UK police have arrested a suspected member"

      Chickens, hatched, count 'em....or not.

    2. g e

      Suspected, indeed

      Though I'm willing to bet he has a 10-year old brother, as per the comical Radio5(?) interview. Anyone else listen to that?

      They sounded like a bunch of bored, somewhat privileged, disorganised dickheads who have problems meeting girls via anything beyond ethernet.

      I said to the wife at the time, "That guy with the English accent, he sounds like he thinks he may have fucked up badly, got out of his depth. He'll be the one they grab first to get the rest."

      I'd rather be him, though, than the ones that get nicked in the US-of-A. Perhaps he'll just get extradited anyway.

  2. Peter 26

    Someone posted a link to another hacker group who had the names, addresses, pictures and names of all the devices on their network, all known IPs etc. for the lizard squad. It seems to be deleted now as I can't find it in my up vote history. There was two in the UK if I remember correctly, this guy in Twickenham who is attending or working at the college/uni there and some 13 year old from Kent. This is from memory so could be slightly off.

  3. Harry the Bastard

    assuming he's in it up to his scrawny neck, by now...

    ...he's ratted on his mates and is trying not to think about what's going to happen next, which i hope involves jail and the reenactment of scenes from deliverance and scum

    1. nsld

      Re: assuming he's in it up to his scrawny neck, by now...

      And thats before he meets his new cell mate Big Dave and discovers a whole new meaning to the term "backdoor"

      1. Dr. Mouse

        Re: assuming he's in it up to his scrawny neck, by now...

        I always find it horrifying that people laugh and joke about being raped in prison, seemingly with the attitude that they deserve it. While I get the gallows humour, I don't see how it's really any different to laughing about rapes in general, or excusing them. It's a problem, and a crime, and something which we should be working to put a stop to (like murders in prison), not something to laugh about or threaten people with. Granted, it's a difficult task. Prisons are filled with the scum of the earth, who think they can do whatever they want.

        1. Dave Stevens
          Thumb Down

          Re: I always find it horrifying

          I don't get the fake outrage. Prisons are not secure places. You're locked up there with psychotic, violent jerks. It's the last place you want to be if you're a geek.

          The good news is that if you don't do anything stupid, you're unlikely to end up there.

          So, let's stop pretending to be horrified by the justice system and look at prison rape as part of the deterrence.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: I always find it horrifying

            Bring back the death penalty, torture and the chain gang. That'll put them off, and the crime rate will come down to US levels.

            What? Murder and actual physical violent crime are several times higher over there?

            Oh well.

          2. Dr. Mouse

            Re: I always find it horrifying

            So, let's stop pretending to be horrified by the justice system and look at prison rape as part of the deterrence

            First, I'm not pretending. Second, it's not the justice system, it's the disgusting crime that occurs in prison. And third, if you sanction rape and murder as "part of the deterrent" you may as well be committing it yourself. Hell, while we are at it, let's torture prisoners too. After all, they deserve it.

            1. Robert Helpmann??

              Re: I always find it horrifying

              Q: What's the difference between the death penalty and life in prison?

              A: With the death penalty, the state acts as executioner. With life imprisonment, the state acts as gay dungeon master.

              Having worked in a medium security facility with juvies and declined to work in a maximum security facility with career offenders, I can tell you that they are filled up with people who make mistakes and that are often victims themselves. Yes, there are some bad people in there that thoroughly deserve to be incarcerated, but what is truly bad in this country, in my opinion, is the combination of mandatory sentencing for non-violent crimes and the privatization of the prison system. The first ensures the prisons are filled beyond capacity while the second ensures that the absolute minimum is provided in terms of service, safety and personnel while providing a business interest in expanding the practice.

              One thing that this system is very good at is transforming minor offenders into felons. Imprisoning people for minor, non-violent crimes has exactly the opposite effect that any sane person would want from the justice system: more crime.

          3. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

            Re: I always find it horrifying

            "rape as part of the deterrence"

            Is a fucking war crime.

      2. g e

        Re: assuming he's in it up to his scrawny neck, by now...


        And 'Trojan'

  4. nsld

    The one arrested

    Was the TV spokestool, he apparently snapchatted the search warrant and expressed suprise that they took everything!

    How he thought he wouldnt get his collar felt going on the TV is bizarre.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Finnish idiot

    The Finn has been outed already.

    Though unconfirmed, the rumors are the he was arrested a year ago on massive credit card fraud and hacking/cracking into 60000 servers and the court should issue their verdict RSN...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wait … what?

    Thank goodness I'm on holiday and can indulge myself in this teenage drama …

    So there are these young haxors and they DDoS like there is no tomorrow, in the wake of which they pissed off …

    • SONY

    • Microsoft

    • the NORKs

    • Tor project

    • aaaaand Anonymous

    … after which they proceeded to show their mugs on TV as apparently they tought themselves to be untouchable? For real? I think thorough medical analysis is in order.

  7. Goldmember


    If he was part of it then I hope he gets the book thrown at him, the [alleged] little shit.

    Mainly because I was unable to play my newly-received copy of Destiny on Crimbo day until Sunday.

    1. g e

      Re: Good

      Annoyed I was also, young Jedi Guardian.

      Thank heaven for LBP3, Velocity2x and Pure Pool :o)

  8. HAL-9000


    Click and see - Lizard kids documantary =D

  9. ukgnome

    Not connected but funny (well it mentions lizards)

  10. James Hughes 1

    Had a terrible time

    Sorting out the youngest son's PS3 to work on PSN, with a sub-account of a parent account.

    Assumed it was this hack at first, but now fairly sure it's just a completely shit system designed by someone who never actually tried to use it.

  11. Mark 85

    Once upon a time....

    There wasn 't the technology for kids to get into trouble with. It's given a power far greater than what we as kids had for geting into mischief. Also, many parents seem to have abdicated responsibility for raising their young and thus don't teach them ethics, morality, etc.

    Let's consider that we all got into trouble but not this severe. Back then the equivalent would have been breaking and entering a business and doing damage. Some kids did, but most didn't.

    Should these lads do hard time? Maybe the parents should also? I wouldn't had a kid a hunting rifle and tell him to go get dinner from the woods without training and knowledge that he was responsible. But parents give kids computers and cars without the same sense of obligation and results are usually disastrous for someone.

    <rant off>

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Once upon a time....

      "Also, many parents seem to have abdicated responsibility for raising their young and thus don't teach them ethics, morality, etc."

      Greed is good. Isn't that enough ethics and morality for you?

    2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Once upon a time....

      What ethics and morality? Individualis taken to extremes? The demand to control women's vaginas and have every "potential" baby born, but then wash hands of any responsibility for them once they're squeezed out? Maybe we can teach them how waterboarding is okay, or how a great nation is a nation where teachers are told to carry guns to work as a means of protections.

      Maybe we can teach about how if you record a song you deserve to have it copywritten forever so that your grandchild^10000 can live off the royalties and nobody can ever make a derivative work (or the work pass into popular culture) without your family making yet more money.

      Shall we teach children that rape is what happens to you when you're bad? Seems a commenter above thought that was a great plan. Maybe we can teach them that nations should have massive unsustainable armies, and infrastructure and pork and so forth, but not the taxes to run it. Or that a wealth gap is good and that money will trickle down aaaaaaaany day now.

      What should we teach our kids? And who should serve as examples and role models? I'm pretty confused, you see, because it seems to me that there are a lot of people who claim loudly to be "moral" that actually really awful people. So I want a different word for my ethics than the one they claim.

    3. Sarah Balfour

      Re: Once upon a time....

      This is why I'm glad we don't have the gun laws 'Murica does. From what I gather, it's perfectly legal to give ACTUAL WORKING GUNS to nursery-age kids in some states. There was a documentary on BBC3 a while back called sumnat like 'The Real Rednecks' or 'The Real Hillbillies'; I never saw it, admittedly, but I read the 'last week on TV' blurb in the Torygraph telly paper, which I really wish I'd kept now,, and apparently a 4-year-old lass had been given an actual gun for Crimbo (pink, purple, and sparkly, natch) with a tag that read "Now you can come moose shooting with Daddy, Princess". Not forgetting the 8-year-old who accidentally killed her gun instructor. Kids can't handle the report on any gun more powerful than a Nerf gun.

      And, without wishing to take this any further off-topic, how many school massacres have there been in the UK in the past 20 years…? I can only recall one (Dunblane). And how many school massacres have there been in the UK carried out by pupils (current or former)? I can't recall any (but my head is kinda broken at the mo). Whatever you think of America's gun laws, you can't argue with facts.

      There's summat inherently wrong about a country which thinks it's okay to give firearms to kids.

      1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

        Re: Sarah Balfour Re: Once upon a time....

        " many school massacres have there been in the UK in the past 20 years....." I suggest you stop shrieking soundbites long enough to go do some research here ( School Attacks are still very rare in the UK, but in the same year as the Dunblane attack there was the attack on St Luke's Church of England infants' school in Wolverhampton where the attacker used a machete - quick, ban all knives! Indeed, in recent years the worst spate of school attacks have been in China (–2011)), which has very tight gun control, and in those cases the weapons used ranged from hammers through knives to petrol (quick, ban all hammers and petrol as well!).

        ".....Whatever you think of America's gun laws, you can't argue with facts....." Simple argument that debunks what you like to call "facts" - when was the last time you heard of a massacre at a gun range compared to a school anywhere in the World? Ever stop to wonder why?

        ".....There's summat inherently wrong about a country which thinks it's okay to give firearms to kids." In the UK, I fired my first firearm at about 8, owned my own rifle in my teens, and I haven't felt any urge to go shooting school kids, thanks. There are quite literally millions of guns in the hands of the US public (indeed, there are thousands still in public hands in the UK) yet school shootings are rare. By your "logic", if giving guns to kids turned them into mindless murderers then there would be mass shootings every day. What people like you need to do is stop looking at the weapon as the problem and start looking at the excuses that allow the nutters to get guns in the first place, which is largely due to an inability to deal with said nutters without people (no doubt, just like you) complaining about "rights". I suggest you start here (

        1. Mark Exclamation

          Re: Sarah Balfour Once upon a time....

          @Matt Bryant, I wish I could give you more than one up-vote! Very well put!

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As ye sow

    Off to the pokey you go.

  13. AsherGoldbergstein

    Krebs has done two great stories on these idiots.

  14. Crazy Operations Guy

    For every exposed 'hacker'

    I always wonder how many more are out there not getting caught. It seems the only way these people get caught is by trying to show off their trophies and make names for themselves. Case in point, the Sony data leaks, the GOP (or whomever) managed to extract several terabytes of data from Sony, how long could they have operated if they just stayed under the radar?

    I figure the smart thing to do would be to penetrate networks just deep enough to get their financial reports and then just use them to play the stock market. Who cares if no one knows your name when you are swimming in huge piles of cash?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: For every exposed 'hacker'

      You think that internal unreleased financial reports would allow you to play the stock market?

      Facebook, Twitter have internal finances which are shades of red in most places and they have a huge stock market valuation. It's all about intangibles nowadays.

      The clever thing to do would be to plant microphones in trading floors.

      1. Crazy Operations Guy

        Re: For every exposed 'hacker'

        The quarterly reports greatly affect stock prices, a few days lead time can make someone quite a bundle of cash, especially if the reports indicate that the company made a huge jump in profits (Or losses). Internal sales figures can tell you which suppliers to invest in, and which to avoid (EG, a product that uses a specific components sells like hot-cakes, invest in the company that makes that part)

        Of course you could also edit reports before they go out to the SEC and ruin the company by making it look like they are hiding profits or losses to deceive stock holders.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: For every exposed 'hacker'

          "Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice" anyone? I for one wouldn't want to be "trading places" with these hackers!

  15. Downside

    Lizard dox

    Is the dox for the members, or so it suggests

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