back to article Vawtrak challenges almighty ZeuS as king of the botnets

Crooks behind Vawtrak, a dangerous banking Trojan, are ramping up its reach and sophistication, security firms have warned. Vawtrak currently ranks as the single most dangerous threat, according to PhishLabs. Only Zeus and its many variants (GameOver, KINS, ZeusVM, Zberp, etc.) taken as a single malware "family" would outrank …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Clever or what?

    I just read both those write-ups - OK, these people need taking out, but are they clever or what? What a waste of an incredible talent.

  2. Paul J Turner

    Do the job properly

    Someone begat and raised these pieces of crap. I say take them out and any family they have 2 generations either way to be sure we remove them from the gene pool. Christmas spirit can take a back seat after getting torrent-lockered. Good job I do regular backups to Blu-Ray.

  3. donjaxon

    New version of Vawtrak unleashed

    The follow-up PhishLabs article at has some additional background regarding this cybercrime operation that wasn't in the first PhishLabs article. It caps with unfortunate news of a new Vawtrak version, 0x38. That version appears to have been an interim test version which was soon superseded by version 0x3A, in the wild now. As these types of criminal enterprises go, recent events demonstrate very aggressive R&D, "bizdev", and operational efforts by the Vawtrak actors.

  4. Tapydisuza

    Hazardous ‘Vawtrak Banking Trojan’ Harvesting Passwords Worldwide

    Vawtrak is a complicated portion of malware in terms of supported features. It is able of theft financial information and performs transactions from the compromised PC distantly without leaving clues. The latest features comprise videos and screenshots capturing and initiation man-in-the-middle assaults. So it is necessary to get rid of Vawtrak as soon as possible.

    for more information visit:

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