back to article Rackspace restored after DDOS takes out DNS

Rackspace says it has recovered from a nasty distributed denial of service attack that it says may have seen “a portion of legitimate traffic to our DNS infrastructure … inadvertently blocked.” The trouble started just before lunchtime on Monday, US central time, and persisted until 11 hours later. Over on the company's …

  1. Mark 85

    Retaliation or collateral damage?

    Between the war of words and the apparent cyberwarfare going on, I'm wondering if this might be part of it. Sony, NK, South K,... now Rackspace.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Doubt it this happens every day of the week to someone or other quite a few of which have been reported on the reg.

  3. Moof

    Still a PITA

    We use Rackspace and it caused a major pain in our tech support. About 1/2 of our customer base was affected (those that needed to do a DNS lookup). We were patiently explaining how to type in the load balancer IP into the address bar and to accept the certificate to get back into the system.

    More savvy users modified their hosts file to make it work. Posting directions on our FB page and internal FB area for customers only, which is the only presence we have other than Rackspace-controlled DNS websites helped quite a bit. Luckily most of our customers are great and took it in stride.

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