back to article Microsoft promises open plan mobile Office. Who sits by the Windows?

Microsoft has revealed more information on its plans for Office on mobile devices: iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. Microsoft Office is going cross-platform “rather aggressively”, says Technical Product Manager Kaberi Chowdhury. Office for Android tablets is currently in preview and set to be released in early …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    MS FYI

    An "Office" document you can't edit is called a PDF and is already available on all platforms.

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: MS FYI

      Adobe has even managed to bugger that aspect though:

  2. monkeyfish

    They will be “universal” apps, running both on Windows Phone and as Store apps on full Windows. Their release “is tied to Windows 10”

    Ha, does this mean that I will be able to get the latest Office apps on any iOS/Android device from the last 2-3 years, but if I had winpho I'd have to have one running 10..?

    1. BrownishMonstr

      By "Universal", they mean "Runs on Windows Phone and Windows RT".

  3. A Non e-mouse Silver badge


    How do they intend to get macros into the iOS version of the app? Isn't any form of interpreter banned under Apple's rules?

    1. Peter2 Silver badge

      Re: Macros

      I'd pay extra for a desktop version of office without macros.

      I live with the ever present fear that despite disabling them a user is going to discover how to reenable them to figure out how to receive details of how to claim one hundred and forty two million (142 million) dollars from the bank of scameria which are contained in the attached email.

      I think the last time I saw a legitimate use for office macros was a massively complicated macro for creating quote letters in 2002, which is done through a CMS these days.

      1. Leeroy

        Re: Macros

        You can disable macros with group policy but you will have to put up with staff moaning that some documents don't work etc. Royal pain in the arse when there are probably easier ways to produce the same result without using macros at all but just try telling that to a supplier that insists on using them for excel spreadsheet order forms grrrr.

  4. Tom 35

    Support for dropbox

    The Android phone version was updated to support dropbox, sort of.

    You can open a document from anyplace in your dropbox. But you can only save it in the root.

    Kingsoft (WPS) office works better (and is already available for tablets) so MS still have lots of work to do if they want to be of any use.

  5. 101

    Will they never learn?

    How about running 'Open Office' off my own home brewed cloud drive, fully encrypted?

    Seems to me a person or business trusting the cloud these days is a fool. To wit: Sony.

    OK, that wasn't a cloud thing, but it shows the internet is a lawless place that can be mightily hacked, cracked, sliced and diced.

  6. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge


    about a full linux version of Office?

    Just imagine.. the power, flexability and huge user base of Office without the crap operating system .....

    I think I may have a bit of xmas spirit inside me...

    1. Robert Helpmann??

      Re: How

      I think I may have a bit of xmas spirit inside me...

      That's not pillows xmas spirit! ... Sorry.

      I know it's emulation, but I wonder how Office would run under Genymotion or AndroVM. I guess I will find out soon.

    2. P. Lee

      Re: How

      Would you trust MS to keep Office on Linux up to date in the future or do you think they might degrade it in favour of Windows? Running Office on anything other than MS' preferred platform is an unsafe business strategy.

      I'd bet you'd still need to pay the equivalent of a Windows license added to Office if you aren't running Windows locally.

      1. Lusty

        Re: How

        "bet you'd still need to pay the equivalent of a Windows license added to Office if you aren't running Windows locally."

        Actually the licence is very good. Each user can use it on up to 5 computers (PC or Mac or a mix) plus mobile devices. Microsoft have got with the program in a big way recently, having realised that Azure is their future. I wouldn't be surprised to see Windows and Office completely free before long once software as a service takes off properly.

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