back to article Internet governance group pushes on without, er, internet organizations

The controversial internet governance group NetMundial has rejected calls to delay the creation of its "coordination council" – and launched without the support of the technical community nor the International Chamber of Commerce. NetMundial was born out of a meeting in April between the governments of Brazil, Russia, China, …

  1. Ole Juul


    Does anybody have a confirmed explanation of why Fadi Chehade is acting this way? I don't think he's well.

  2. LeeH

    This is bad

    They behave as bully's now. They will be bullies later. This is a power grab. This is very bad. NetMundial must not be awarded any authority, must not be given a platform at conferences, and must be made impossible to take seriously.

    1. nematoad Silver badge

      Re: This is bad

      Agreed. This is a pure power grab

      Look at this:

      "...attracting ideas, individuals, organizations, and funding..."

      Or in other words. "We have no idea what any of this is going to do nor are we willing to pay for it, All we do know is that we want to be in charge, whatever comes out of all this."

      They are making this up as they go along and as for being bottom-up, well words fail me.

      Still, one thing comforts me. The internet was designed to route around damage and with luck those actually running the web will do likewise and ignore this farce.

      1. Alan Brown Silver badge

        Re: This is bad

        "The internet was designed to route around damage and with luck those actually running the web will do likewise and ignore this farce."

        It may have been originally. Over the last 20 years it has systematically been stripped of redundancies and is dependent on a few tier1s and the root servers.

        ICANN should never have been allowed to rollout all those alternate gTLDs. The fact that it went roughshod over existing eTLD/altTLDs effectively wiped out another layer of redundancy and cemented their monopoly control over DNS. As it stands right now, if "we" don't like the way they run things there are no alternate DNS systems to turn to.

        1. kellerr13

          Re: This is bad

          Many have said "A full out cyber attack on ICANN would be justified, to keep them from functioning in ANY capacity."

          I think we absolutely need an immediate replacement to DNS, that is NOT under control of any entity or government on any level. It should be tier to tier and pier to pier.

  3. Medixstiff

    Tell therm...

    To pull their heads in and act like adults or get stuffed.

    After all most of the content isn't from their countries, nor is most of the management of DNS etc. So anything they try will mostly just hurt their countries.

    1. kellerr13

      Re: Tell therm...

      You missed the entire point.

      It was a couple of years ago that the Obama administration turned over some of the root servers of DNS to ICANN. It didin't seem to make sense then, but it does now.

      This is an atempt by the NWO to take control over the Internet. Seizing control over communications is a major form of attack on any nation; just ask anybody in the military.

      THIS meeting was recorded and released, because it creates a picture that they are all friendly people making a positive change to the Internet, but all the other meetings are kept secret.

      Many people believe and have said, "This cannot be allowed under ANY circumstances, and we need to completely eliminate ICANN involvement with the Internet, by all means available."

      I think we need a replacement of DNS immediately. A replacement that can't be under the control of any government or organization. IPv6 may make it possible. If web sites were to publish their IPv6 address along with their DNS URL, then DNS can be bypassed.

      We need browsers to start downloading and obtaining IP address information locally, in a database, and downloadable from various web sites.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stupid is as stupid does

    If they do go to Davos, ICANN and the other "legit" internet bodies would be wise to do the same, There have been enough bad ideas injected into the regulatory process already. Davos participants are wealthy, influential players on the world stage, they should not be getting internet governance advice exclusively from monkeys like NetMundial. Get out there and provide some governance.

    1. kellerr13

      Re: Stupid is as stupid does

      Why the hell should THEY be able to decide what kind of conversatioons YOU and I are allowed to have with each other?

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