back to article Judge bars dead Steve Jobs from appearing on TV news FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

A US judge has stricken a request to release a video of Steve Jobs recorded just months before the Apple cofounder and CEO died in 2011. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers has denied [PDF] a motion filed by three US news organizations that would have compelled the court to make a video deposition from Jobs available to the public. …

  1. big_D Silver badge

    Hooray for common sense

    The press has already got the transcript. They don't care about what is in the video, they just want to create a click frenzy / jump in viewers, because they have a "never before seen" video of a dead personality.

    RIP Steve.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Whatever was the Old Dodderer thinking ...... ?

    The Law is an ass and here is some fresh evidence for support of that fact which is surely disturbing and a perversion of the course of justice ........

    And I do not remember it being widely reported in mainstream news outlets here in Blighty. :-) Is that tantamount to collusion and a dereliction of investigative journalistic duty?

  3. Timmay


    "Apple icon's deposition won't be given to the public"

    I read that as Apple icon's decomposition won't be given to the public.

  4. Terry Cloth

    A jury decides standing???

    In every case I've read about in several decades of paying attention, the question of standing is one of law, to be decided by a judge, and appealed if someone doesn't like the answer.

    Jurors are deciders of fact, not of how the law applies.*


    * With the notable exception that if a jury decides the law is draconian, or misapplied, they can refuse to convict and there's an end on't.

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