back to article Social sniffer predicts which Nigerian prince has the best chance of scamming you

Kiwi penetration tester Laura Bell has released a social engineering analysis tool to allow analysis of risky behaviour by punters. The platform dubbed "AVA" and billed as an "automated three-phase human vulnerability scanner" will soon be released as open source and made usable for both hackers using Kali Linux and less tech- …

  1. Ken 16 Silver badge

    Really cool!

    I'll be fascinated as results emerge. This isn't sarcasm, the idiots evolve faster than the proofing and too much security effort is devoted to locking down networks rather than behaviors.

  2. Robert Helpmann??

    Perhaps a different approach is called for

    Most people Tweet from their desks, log into Facebook during lunch, and are continually connected to both worlds so the division between the systems is flawed.

    My first thought on this was that it is easy enough to reinstate the division with some properly configured firewall rules. There is less of a need to allow personal use of company resources now than 10 years ago given the widespread use of mobile tech to play online. Instead of any sort of reasonable push-back in this area, many businesses are embracing the BYOD fad. That direction will only end in tears!

    (posted from work)

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