back to article Could Cisco's Intercloud give it another chokehold on the Internet?

When companies around the world are still running $40bn worth of your networking kit that is officially classified as past end-of-life, you might have to learn a few new tricks to keep the revenue coming in. Or even better, dream up a whole new strategy. So, let’s think this through. We’ll probably need a few buzzwords. Cloud …

  1. P. Lee

    So everyone in the channel is happy!


    ... and the customers? What do they think?

    $40 billion of end-of-life kit still in service seems to indicate that it isn't at the end of its life at all, its very much alive.

    My recommendation to the IT industry in general: slash your sales and organisational costs because your turnover is plummeting. If you keep saying things are "end-of-life" when they are clearly not, your customers will start to get annoyed with you. That might speed their move to more whitebox suppliers.

  2. Preston Munchensonton

    Same play as 25 years ago?

    So, where are the IETF standards for Intercloud to underpin this repeat of the 1990s for Cisco? Not likely to be such a boom without standards.

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