back to article El Reg's mighty rocket spaceplane Vulture 2 arrives in US of A

The Vulture 2 spaceplane arrived safely in the USA last week, and is currently resting at a secure facility in Denver courtesy of Jeff Anderton of video production outfit Mass Transit. Our rocket ship's relocation came as part of my own trip Stateside, which saw myself and Edge Research Lab's David Patterson on a reccy to …

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  2. Alister

    ...oh, and I know you're currently in the US but recce is spelt recce in British English...

  3. Charlie Clark Silver badge


    Carefully crafted American micro-brewery pints all round. Except to the FAA until they pull their fingers out and authorise this historic mission.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: Fantastic!

      Uh.. once they do pull their fingers out and authorize, they still can't have cold one until they wash their hands. And that shouldn't be a "Carefully crafted American micro-brewery pint" for them.. I suggest Coors Light which like making love in a canoe.

  4. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    Looking good, and looking forward to launch!

    Certainly a reason to raise a glass (as if we need one). Mine will be a Westmalle Tripel or a Duvel (no microbreweries here, alas)

    1. imanidiot Silver badge

      Re: Looking good, and looking forward to launch!

      Dunno exactly where you are located, but there is a good chance there ARE microbreweries around. You might just not be aware. (Lots of hobbyists getting into brewing these days, and making some pretty good beers)

      1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

        Re: Looking good, and looking forward to launch!

        Good idea! I have just found 3 in the city of Groningen itself, but am not sure about the quality (experimental validation called for). Another is nearby in the village of Peize (quite a nice brown beer, in character similar to Palm). Of the others, two seem to be lagers, and one very small one has a porter and an AMerican blond beer

        I'll still have that Westmalle Tripel, but that does not mean I won't try the others

    2. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

      Re: Westmalle or Duvel

      As much as I love a good microbrew (and there are many here in the US), if you have Westmalle or Duvel, you don't necessarily NEED microbreweries. Given the choice, I'd opt for a Leffe Brun but that is sadly impossible to get in my neck of the woods

      1. Martin Budden Silver badge

        Re: Westmalle or Duvel

        I'll have a Westvleteren 10 thanks!

        1. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

          Re: Westmalle or Duvel

          Westvleteren is also great. I live close enough to Belgium (the country, not the swear word ;-) ) to have access to a wide selection, and regularly sample ones unknown to me.

  5. imanidiot Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Good stuff

    Now get on with it :-P

  6. Pen-y-gors

    Amazing box!

    Love the piccie - and judging by all the dents and scuff marks round the edges it wasn't a jot over-engineered. Alcohol for the designer.

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Re: Amazing box!

      Indeed, there must be many frustrated delivery gorillas en-route.

      1. imanidiot Silver badge

        Re: Amazing box!

        Given what I've seen come through my employers warehouse, that box was handled with kid gloves. Theres no holes, no ripped out screws, no large chunks of the framing missing, etc. Heck, I've seen boxes with forklift fork sized holes in the sidewalls.

  7. AstroNutter

    "Accordingly, we raise the traditional pint or two to all those concerned." HOLD UP!

    Decided to hold off on the raising of glasses until LOHAN has climaxed.

    At that point, there will be many repeated raisings of glass. To all those who created the mission and to those like the spanish department of obstruction who provided much entertainment along the way.

  8. Michael Hawkes

    Beers in Colorado

    You should have no problem finding great beer in Colorado. There are lots of brewpubs and microbreweries. As a former Colorado Springs resident, my favorite was Laughing Lab Scottish Ale from Bristol Brewing.

    Have fun. Cheers.

    1. Triple-J

      Re: Beers in Colorado

      When they came thru Las Cruces, I met Lester and David at one of the local breweries, and quaffed some fine IPA and home-brewed root beer. I couldn't get them to try the green chile cheese fries, however. Skoal!

      1. Sir Sham Cad

        Re: Beers in Colorado

        Mmmm, American IPA. Yum.

        I've just googled Green Chili Cheese Fries, though, it couldn't look much wronger! It would need copious amounts of IPA before I'd consider that as a post-pub nosh option. Tomatoes should be red and cheese should be blue.

    2. Sporkinum

      Re: Beers in Colorado

      Can't do any better than Coors. Colorado's finest! ;)

      That joke being said, now it makes sense why he flew into Denver and not Albuquerque.

      1. seacook

        Re: Beers in Colorado

        You must be referring to the great American drink known as Homoginated Horse Piss!

  9. ukgnome
    Paris Hilton

    I don't mind the big box

    obvs --------->

  10. Pirate Dave Silver badge


    So what was the problem with the FAA that you alluded to the other day? Is it resolved yet?

  11. Gordon 10

    Am In the only one?

    Who thinks that lohan is a splendid example of requirements creep but thinks it should be be celebrated anyway?

  12. json

    Cant wait! I have the official Mug!

    .. so far used as pen holder.. will put replace that with beer (sans the pen!) and offer an online toast once that thing flies!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wot? No unboxing video???

    see title

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