Uber: capitalism at its ugliest or the market at work?

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  1. ssharwood

    Uber: capitalism at its ugliest or the market at work?

    As we've reported, Uber's surge pricing has kicked in during the siege of downtown Sydney.

    On social media, opinion is weighing heavily against Uber. We've made a case that its actions may be reasonable, if very unsympathetic.

    Weigh in here, or go back to the story we've linked to above to have your say in a poll.

  2. dan1980

    If surge pricing is entirely based on an algorithm then it's just plain capitalism. Impersonal but not necessarily 'ugly'.

    Anyone complaining against Uber must simply stop using the service - at all. Even when there are no taxis and the really need one. Pretend it doesn't exist.

    If not then you are buying into their model and that includes prices going up when cars are in demand.

    Transport being shut down was not Uber's decision - it was a stupid, over-reaction by people who were scared that they would be accused of not taking every possible precaution.

    The lone 'gunman' was able to hold some 30 people hostage but our media and authorities managed to extend that for him so that it affected an entire city. When our elected officials and police force talk about "not giving in" and about "staying strong" and not being "deterred", well, this behaviour is the exact opposite.

    Sorry - tangent there.

    (Lone watch at my Office as I am the only one without a family!)

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