back to article Pirate Bay admins 'couldn't care less' about police raid

Copyright infringement clearinghouse site The Pirate Bay may or may not return, but its admins aren't the slightest bit concerned about the police raid that downed it or the ensuing extended hiatus, according to one anonymous spokesperson. "We couldn't care less really," a Pirate Bay affiliate identified only as "Mr …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is clear they have sold their soul to the devil for a few hundred dollars. In return there is no prosecution and 'big media' gets 100% control of TPB, runs it for a few years and then hits everyone with a court order for forfeit of all assets. After all how else are these media execs going to buy their Colombian marching powder?

    Anon because big media probably knows where I live and I'd sooner wake up without a dead horse in my bed

    1. DasWezel
      Black Helicopters

      *Anon because post is based on speculative bollocks.

      There, I fixed it for you. :-)

      1. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

        But... But... But...

        Chemtrails something something autism from vaccines something something faked moon landings.

        1. Bernard M. Orwell

          Re: But... But... But...

          Because nooooo...there are never, ever dodgy conspiracies and deals done, are there?

          LIBOR, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Toxic Debts, asbestos marketing, CoIntelPro....

's fine we can trust the big media companies and a bunch of dodgy pirates to be telling us all the absolute truth. Yep. Ok.

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Nice to see that they got the grammar right with "couldn't care less"...

    ... but isn't TPB supposed to be a repository of free speech and culture accessible to everyone everywhere or something similar? If someone burned a library down I doubt the librarian would say, "Huh, shit happens".

    1. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      Re: Nice to see that they got the grammar right with "couldn't care less"...

      A more accurate analogy would be that TPB is one of many directories of libraries, since AFAIK it is just an indexer site.

      It's a bit like removing the copy of the Yellow Pages from your local library, because nuisance callers use it to get the numbers to phone businesses, but still making it freely available in every other library in the country.

  3. Khaptain Silver badge

    Could(n't) agree more

    UK : Couldn't care less.

    US : Could care less. ( I cringe every time I hear this).

    UK : Couldn't agree more.

    US : Could agree more ( Can someone confirm if the "other side of the pondians" use this too, even though it is far more cringeworthy than the other monstrosity)

    1. phil dude

      Re: Could(n't) agree more

      American English is what the name suggests. The "dialect" spoken in the Americas (North of Rio Grande, currently).

      The USA though, is a HUGE place, so the original Anglo immigrants would have been hard pushed to synchronise language with out modern technology.

      In summary, a number of the most glaring differences are actually the original English dialect that has not synchronised with the UK or the other cultures that settled here.

      The example of "I could care less", is why English is the lingua franca. There are just so many ways to say the same thing and to also NOT say the same thing.


      1. Khaptain Silver badge

        Re: Could(n't) agree more


        I just read an article that stated that it was around the late 1950, early 1960 that the Americans started to use "I could care less". Before then, apparently they did acutally use the "I couldn't care less" version.

        The article also states that no known reason has been stated as to why the negation disappeared.

        1. paulc
          Paris Hilton

          Re: Could(n't) agree more

          anyone else know why the mericans don't use 'to' when they write someone? It also bugs me...


          'Write your Congressman'


          'Write to your MP'

    2. Lusty

      Re: Could(n't) agree more

      Ah the irony, the British will be the most upset about English becoming the global standard language due to the Internet. Comically the Germans are OK with it and several of them recently told me not to bother trying to learn German because they now all speak English since the Internet caught on :)

      We, like them, will have to learn to speak "English (United States)" :/

  4. JohnnyGStrings

    I love Neil's generous quoting of the guys name: Mr 10100100000. That is a great name :)

    1. Terry Cloth

      Or to most of the world, Mr. 1312

      And to the computergentsia, Mr. 0x520.

      1. P. Lee

        Re: Or to most of the world, Mr. 1312

        No love for Mr 0o2440, as he's known to certain Mexicans, Californians and CS students from another age.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        So edgy!

        All cops are bastards eh?

        Aren't you just the cutest angst ridden teenager.

    3. Sandtitz Silver badge


      Was 10100111001 already taken?

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. frank ly

    "... the original, authentic site ..."

    How do you define " the original, authentic site"?

    1. Shane McCarrick

      Re: "... the original, authentic site ..."

      Not the Costa Rican wanna-be, or even the ee 'clone'.........

      Isohunt's attempt- looks more like a skin on their own site- than anything else......

      So- something approximating the site, as it was, before it was raided?

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Peter Gordon

      Re: Sadly...

      Not true. I held back on open sourcing hivelytracker ( for years because the code is truly horrible. In the end I caved because people wanted to port it, but the comment at the top of gui.c says it all:


      ** Abandon all hope all ye who enter here

      ** (consider this fair warning)


      and I have other projects that I would want to seriously refactor before opensourcing :)

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It runs deeper than pirate Bay

    People can sit around and draw whatever conclusions they like. None of us are prophets. The admins of Pirate Bay are nobody special. if they decide to "let it go". Who cares. Someone else will gladly step up to the plate. Torrent websites mean something different to everyone. To some its just about getting something for nothing. They are no better than the same rich assholes that are getting ripped off. But to some people it's about morality. Something precious during this day of decline.

    Robin Hood comes to mind here. Steal from the rich to give it to the poor. Poor doesn't always mean lack of money. It also can mean lack of knowledge. This isn't just about trading or downloading movies. It's about anything electronic. The rich people have always been well known for trying to hourde precious resources to monopolize the people. In order to charge us whatever they want to control us. It was that way 1000 years ago. It's the same today. the only difference is that there's a lot more confusion and deception involved. It's gotten harder to tell the difference between a lie and Truth.

    The way I see it. The only way to solve the problem is to drain the rich of their power. That's not such a hard task considering everything is now electronic. If everyone took the time to NOT buy from the stores, corporations would collapse rather quickly. Where I come from, families have always shared everything to get the most out of something. It's smart economics. The same should apply to software, movies, etc etc. But the corporations want to rewrite everything to suit their own agendas. Politics. All money minded people sleep with one another. I can't stand rich people or anyone else who focuses solely upon money and personal wealth. Because they are no good for everyone else.

    People may say that we need corporations. I disagree. Millions are going off the grid to live like our ancestors did. Freely and self sufficient. They make what they need. Instead of running to the store at every whim. We should all be living that way. If you could draw a map that connects all people and their way of life, you would see several major entities around the world draining all of us daily. To Hell with them. It's high time that we all get smarter and show them that we can play dirty pool better. All major corporations that we see printed on so many products and listed on so many networks. They can and will be drained and crushed by us. People like myself will make sure that happens. They are responsible for the moral decay around the world. Where the people who have been regarded as degenerates for centuries are now being celebrated. That won't last much longer.

  9. Tommy Pock

    Someone else will gladly step up to the plate.

    We step up to the crease. While we're discussing semantics in language, please remember that we play cricket, not rounders.

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