1. incredibleairplaneparty

    Air purifier control app?

    Yesterday was my roommate's birthday and since I saw air purifier on her wishlist so I ordered a Clair BF2025 (www.go-clair.com) for her, but the first sentence she said while opening the box was: "does it has android app control?" and I was like, "it has only one button, why you even need an app to control?" and she looked quite surprising, asked "what's about timer, and modes?" and I feel very confused. This air purifier is supposed to consume super low power, then I obviously think there's no need to turn it off.

    And what the hell with the air purifier with app control? Doesn't it use bluetooth, and turning it on while sleeping has a bad influence on your brain?

    What's wrong with technology recently? :-X

  2. mockingbird22

    Looks like your friend is just used to having apps for everything . Actually there are air purifiers with Android control apps but I think its unnecessary .About Bluetooth being bad for the brain I have no idea haven't heard that before .

    I just checked the Clair model online . It serves the purpose . Try and explain to your friend what she needs is a gadget which you can switch on 24/7 and which can rid of dust and other impurities in the air . All those timer modes are useless because as a matter of fact air purifiers serve the purpose only when you can leave it on all the time in high speed setting without having to bother about electric bill and noisy operation .

  3. gonzaemon

    I think your friend expected a Honeywell, which has Bluetooth Enabled console. Literally, that you can turn on/off, and select modes within your house. It's convenient so you can control from meters away while watching TV/doing whatever you like. However, except for babies, and people with asthma, I think people don't really bother with this kind of apps.

    There is also another trend of one touch - single button for air purifier, which focus solely on improving indoor air quality function. The Clair air purifier, as I check, indeed has extremely low power consumption, avg 4W/hour, which costs you up to $2 per month even if you don't mind to turn it off.

    Good pick.

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