Windows el cheapo tablets

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    Windows el cheapo tablets

    As an impulse buy, I ordered a Kingsing 8" windows 8.1 tablet from one of the many drop shippers in China. After an inexorable wait, close to a month, it finally arrived. I wasn't expecting much as it was only $116 but the specs were as follows, quad core Baytrail running at 1.4-1.8GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB drive, sdcard slot, USB OTG port, HDMI port, twin cameras, 1280 x 800 capacitive screen. After using it for a few hours I have to say I'm impressed. the biggest worry was the effect of only 1 gig of RAM. While it's not greased lightning, it is certainly no slouch and easily kicks the ever loving crap out of my nook hd+ running kitkat. The full windows desktop on such a small screen takes a little getting used to, but overall a pleasant experience. $116 well spent, even if I just use it as an ereader!

    1. sltech

      Re: Windows el cheapo tablets

      My Acer W4 is a good one also, but about 2.5X more expensive than yours.

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