back to article Get the EGGSPERT ANGLE on the news with ovoid anchorbeing Regina

Youtube Video This week on Reg Vulture news, Facebook's creepy graph search is coming to mobile iOS, the Pirate Bay is briefly sunk, and Bernie Madoff's IT guys go down for their part in his huge Ponzi scam. Didn't hear enough from Regina? Check out the full stories here, here and here. ® Graph search

  1. Steve Knox

    Here's where the new design fails

    A GIANT picture to introduce a video piece, which is presented off the initial screen in a much smaller frame.

    I thought for a second I had accidentally clicked on some stupid Suckerberg* story.

    If you insist on the preschool picture angle, USE THE VIDEO AS THE PICTURE.

    * I absolutely, honestly, tried, several times, to start that name with a Z. I don't know if it's the angle of my keyboard or some subconscious impulse, but my ring finger kept hitting the S...

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