back to article Microsoft says January Windows 10 build will excite sysadmins

Microsoft will conduct a big, consumer-focussed, reveal of Windows 10's progress in January, and not long afterwards will “move conversation” to the new operating system's features for enterprise users. Microsoft Australia representatives today told The Reg that sysadmins and business users should therefore pay close attention …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge



    Hardware tuned to Windows 10 will then emerge around October 2015.

    Shouldn't the software be tuned for the hardware?

    Hmmmm Unless

    There is some fiendish lock in about to surface.

    "Sure you can run windows 10 on that Haswell CPU but it will run like a two legged dog unless you upgrade that server/pc/laptop to this [insert new CPU type name here]. By the way, this upgrade will cost you lots and all your old hardware won't work with it".

    too far fectched? Only time will tell.

    1. dogged

      Re: Surely?

      Oh, just stick with your beloved Apple and leave the tinfoil hat in the drawer.

      1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

        Re: Surely?

        This (and my previos post) was written on a Windows 7 Laptop.

        All the software I write for a living runs on Windows.

        So far I'm quite impressed by windows 10 but it is still very much a work in progress.

        Sure I use a Macbook for my personal computing but I've been in this business long (almost 40 years) enough to be able to at least attepmt to try and see both sides of the argument.

        I'd like to know more about the background befind the statement I quoted.

        1. dogged

          Re: Surely?

          It's just marketing guff. A new OS release is an opportunity for Microsoft's "Hardware Partners" to flog boxes with certificates on to the unwary and ill-informed.

          "Tuned" is usually no more than "we put a sticker on it". I very much doubt if that's changed.

          (Yes trolls, shills et al, this is your opportunity to spread FUD about SecureBoot. Not that you need yet another one).

          1. Arctic fox

            @Dogged Well Dogged I am not entirely sure where you are coming from here.

            When you refer to FUD with regard to SecureBoot are you referring to a certain section of the penguinista persuasion who tried to convince World+wife+dog that TheDemonBastardsOfRedmond were going to lock down every BIOS in existence, or are you talking about something else?

            1. dogged

              Re: @Dogged Well Dogged I am not entirely sure where you are coming from here.

              The former. Some of them are still doing it.

        2. big_D Silver badge

          Re: Surely?

          I guess they mean a new generation of hardware that will offer new features that aren't currently available - like Haswell and Baytrail brought additional energy saving and sleep modes. I'm guessing improved performance and security features, for example.

          Edit: And as Snow Wombat says, graphics improvements.

    2. Snow Wombat

      Re: Surely?

      The hardware thing is likely around DirectX12, and video cards that will be tweaked for it.

      I don't see them gimping CPU hardware or mainboard stuff.

  2. Captain DaFt

    Might want to tread carefully there, Microsoft

    You declared Win 8 exciting too, and it was.

    If people had been a bit more excited when they saw it, there would have been a mob with torches and pitchforks descending on Redmond.

    1. Oninoshiko

      Re: Might want to tread carefully there, Microsoft

      The difference is they actually asked people what they want, and appeared to have listened this time around.if no major changes happen, 10 looks pretty good at this point.

      (I have a machine running the preview)

  3. Khaptain Silver badge

    Suggestion even before I see it

    Keep the W7 interface, keep a reasonable 3d theme, (do not add those damned flat and very white interface themes), mix in the W10 Kernel and voila you have won my heart...

    We do not need interface changes, they already work and we know how to use them, changing the engine is fine as long as it doesn't break things. We don't need cloudy, cloudy, shiny, shiny either, honestly we don't, as an option Ok why not, as the default definately not.

    I am happy with a mouse and keyboard, they work just fine. You can add the touchy feely interface but please make it optional, unless on a tablet or phone. We also don't mind if the interfaces are different between desktops, tablet and phone, its Ok, we are intelligent enough to deal with it.

    And FFS leave the Server interfaces completely alone..... I want consistency between servers interfaces, the alternative means lost time trying to find the same things that I have been doing for years and no added benefit.

    1. HMB

      Re: Suggestion even before I see it

      Was going to suggest almost the same thing. +1 Khaptain. :)

      Right click desktop > Personalize > Themes:

      Windows 7 Aero

      Windows 8 Flat

      Windows 10 Modernised Aero

      Just imagine giving people a choice Microsoft! Then they wouldn't have to chose by installing your old operating system because they dislike the new look so much.

      1. Yugguy

        Re: Suggestion even before I see it

        Indeed. This is all we ever want - CHOICE!!

        But this seems far too complex a concept for so many.

        1. JDX Gold badge

          Re: choice

          Most users DON'T want choice. Power users shouldn't assume they are the norm.

          1. Hans 1

            Re: choice

            ..... Christ you have upset me!

            You have a default that n00bs will use ... then you have options, power users will use those ... there, got it ?

            On Linux^H^H^H^H^HFreeBSD*, I choose the ui I want ... ;-)

            *Preparing for when systemd ships on debian.

            1. Khaptain Silver badge

              Re: choice

              The funny thing with me and Linux is that I always end up choosing interfaces that are very close to Windows 95/XP. I presonally find them to be the least distracting/easiest on the eyes. ( In my case Linux is not soley run through a cli, I need applications too.)

              Hell, I even dumb down W7 to make it look closer to XP and alsmost systematically use a solid darkish blue or black desktop.. I really don't care about Aero or eye candy.

      2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

        Re: Suggestion even before I see it

        Can we add

        Windows XP Classic

        into the mix while we are about it?


        Thought not.

      3. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

        Re: Suggestion even before I see it

        You missed one:

        Windows Classic

    2. JDX Gold badge

      Re: We do not need interface changes, they already work and we know how to use them

      We could've said the same when Win3.x was around. Or even DOS. The idea that we accidentally stumbled across GUI perfection in W7 is nonsense. Progress and change is inevitable. Sometimes we take steps back but that's probably inevitable. Lots of the stuff we love in W7 was introduced in Vista.

      1. calmeilles

        Re: We do not need interface changes, they already work and we know how to use them

        Time was that the learning curve of a changed interface was pain accepted because there'd be benefits to be had.

        Now the benefits are more questionable.

        For me what has come to be terms the "classic" look (and Word pre-ribbon) remains the most productive. Of course this may just be because I'm an old fossil incapable of taking on new stuff.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Windows 10 build will excite sysadmins"

    If they build in the ability to electric shock the user at the sysadmin's will I reckon that would have them taking it up in droves.

    "Sorry, you say your 'computer won't work' when you mean you have forgotton your password? *Bzzzzt* Remember it yet? Yes? Shame."

    1. Arctic fox
      Thumb Up

      @ m0rt Re:"If they build in the ability to electric shock............"

      What a wonderful image m0rt. The delectable possibilities are endless. "You do know where I am going to put this cattle-prod don't you? If you do not remember your password in 5 4 3 2..."

  5. BongoJoe


    This raeminds me of my father describing war to me: "99 percent boredom and 1 percent excitement".

    Of course he meant sheer hell and terror but I always admired his ironic use of words such as "the best thing about being in bomb disposal was there there was never an officer breathing down your neck as you got on with your work."

  6. Zog_but_not_the_first
    Big Brother

    Does it work both ways?

    "The new OS will also offer granular management of devices: a single console will be able to do things like disable enable cameras on PCs and all manner of mobile devices running Windows."

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Does it work both ways? able to do things like disable enable cameras on PCs and all manner of mobile devices...

      And it wasn't just Windows that got more than a few school districts in serious trouble here in the States.

  7. Mr-Flibble

    Quarterly Windows updates?

    What does this mean exactly? I assume security patches would still be released out of band?!

  8. Mystic Megabyte


    Didn't I just read elsewhere that Windows 10 is just a fancy bootloader for Ubuntu?

  9. David Austin

    Like it so far.

    Been running my work Laptop as a Dual Boot Windows 7/Windows 10 machine since October.

    Only needed to drop into 7 twice since then for some obscure hardware connectivity.

    I like what I see: Metro v2 apps run in resizeable, closable, and non charmed windows on traditional PC's: It's lost that schizophrenic feel that Windows 8.x never did, and feels like a cohesive product.

    Once customised, I was happy with the Start Screen, but the new Hybrid menu "Just Works" for me. Add in some smart snapping features, steps towards managing wireless and VPN better and it feels like a true successor to Windows 7, again something Windows 8 never managed to do.

    The fact it runs just as well as Windows 7 or 8 on my 5 year old Core2 Dell latitude is equally impressive: Say what you want about the flab on top of it, but the NT 6.x Kernel has always performed stunningly.

    As far as I'm concerned, Windows 10 is "Feature Complete" (just up the drivers and reliability), and Microsoft have 8 months to not add anything stupid back in to screw it up.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Like it so far.

      "and Microsoft have 8 months to not add anything stupid back in to screw it up."

      There is the problem..... they have time so they WILL screw it up as sure as day follows night

      I hope they make separating OS and user folders in to separate partitions / disks standard or at least easier makes rebuilds so much simpler when you can simply wipe the Windows partition / drive.

    2. dogged

      Re: Like it so far.

      Ir still needs the "continuity" feature for convertibles.

  10. Glenturret Single Malt


    focused not focussed

  11. sawatts

    Please don't excite the sysadmins

    ...or feed them after midnight.

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