1. FuzzyTheBear

    New look ?

    Is it me or did the reg just changed looks ?

    main page looks different .. no more of those 1 2 3 4 5 articles we could hover on .. or has flash crashed and im hallucinating pizzas in a sushi shop ?


  2. Spoonsinger

    WTF have you done to this site?

    It looks all crappy circa 2011 tablet orientated. (Basically the same sort of kak Ars Technica did and that was - and still is - just pants).

  3. Grommet


    Go back to the old layout. tart it up by all means but this block layout drives me nuts.

  4. Munki Majik

    Mobile last?

    Congratulations on your new non-responsive design - very retro!

  5. TonyBanjo

    I gave it a break for a week or two hoping to see a revert, no chance of course. Has this been answered elesewhere - why change a perfectly good site?

    Change that doesn't bring any improvement and irritates users, who thought this was a good idea?

    I find myself using the Lynx text browser for this site as it makes it almost useable but I'll be spending much les time here if at all, I didn't miss it much over the holidays.

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