back to article Must diarise: Verify ID system will 'definitely' work by 2016

The government insists it will meet its 2016 deadline for all digital services to be underpinned by its gaffe-prone identity assurance system, GOV.UK Verify – despite having failed to move off the increasingly vulnerable Gateway system. By March 2016 the Government Digital Service intends all departments to have integrated …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Really, yet another UK Gov IT that will will be massively over budget and completely fail to deliver. However the brown envelopes for the contract I'm sure will be delivered.

    1. glen waverley

      Brown envelopes?

      I thought the whole point of brown envelopes is that identity is definitely *not* a requirement. If identity mattered, then payments would be made by direct transfer (thus making NSW ICAC's job soooo much easier).

      (GW goes into revery about on-line identity being verifiably set up as "the big man" or similar so as not to have to send a reliable constable around various cafes, pubs, etc to physically collect the envelopes.)

      Coat icon because of an old technique regarding "mistakenly" taking wrong coat when leaving ...

    2. Frankee Llonnygog

      An OJEU procurement signed up five ID providers for Phase 1

      Phase 1 being the couple of years during which the project was in whatever state of 'ware is less substantial than vapour. Dark-matter-ware?

    3. Trygve

      It's not just IT, it's the default UK Gov approach to everything...

      Phase 1 - UK urgently needs replacement for obsolescent thingy/process. Foreigners have something in place that works OK, and are thinking about Generation 2 replacement. "Oh, but that foreign solution is flawed in XYZ ways! We will develop something far superior with better value-for-money and develop British industry in the process!"

      Phase 2: UK still using by now very obsolete thingy/process. Squillions spent on development. Foreigners are starting to implement Gen2, thinking about Gen3. "Once our new all-british solution is in place in another couple of years, those silly foreigners will rue their foolishness, it's well worth the wait!"

      Phase 3: UK solution has pretty much finished falling apart. Accumulated multi-squillions of development are written off and an emergency budget of more squillions is signed off to buy and rush-implement the foreign 1st-Generation solution as an 'Off the shelf interim solution". Foreigners implementing Gen3, thinking about Gen4. UK funds research project to "Leapfrog several generations of technology and establish British industry as a leader in this important area."

      Goto Phase 1

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    I hope it uses 18pt font to meet the 'kewl' GDS UI design guidance!

  3. D Moss Esq

    Digidentitywise, GDS are breaking their own rules

    What were previously known in the science fiction/fantasy world of GDS as "identity providers" are now known as "certified companies".

    All certified companies are certified by tScheme.

    That's the rule.

    Without that, they're not certified.

    tScheme maintains a list of approved services,

    Digidentity are not on the list.

    tScheme also maintains a list of registered applicants,

    That's the list with Digidentity on it.

    They've applied for tScheme's seal of trust but they haven't been granted it yet.

  4. earl grey

    there is no delay to its 2016 target


    1. Number6

      Re: there is no delay to its 2016 target

      In other news, 2016 has been postponed for two years. After 2015 we will have 2015A and 2015B.

  5. JaitcH

    The UK government issued 'high tech' passports, the only trouble is the pictures fade away! They still require TWO photo's and instead of using one real photograph and an e-copy they opted for two e-photos.

    The e-photos can be deliberately caused to fade and replacement photographs can be 'imprinted' in their place using electronic deposition technology.

    USD$50 in China! So much for security.

    And what of people who don't have the necessary documents?

  6. Chris Evans
    Thumb Up

    Nice quote!

    A thumbs up for the Douglas Adams quote in the subtitle.

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