back to article NetApp goes for a ride on VMware's EVO: RAILs

NetApp will offer VMWare's EVO: RAIL hyperconverged rigs but with its networked FAS arrays. NetApp says its offering will have three main components: VMware EVO: RAIL NetApp Clusetred Data ONTAP NetAppFAS arrays It's designed for enterprise remote and branch offices (ROBO), also SMBs, with limited IT staff and apps in …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Evorail vs flexpod

    From what I've been told, one has the software installed, the other just has the software stack tested against it. evo is also smaller than flexpod so will suit normal environments with just a few servers. I wasn't aware of an SDS requirement for Evo so this isn't such a surprise and I think its a great solution to have full private cloud easily deployable but with proper storage and a full feature set which is currently unmatched by the SDS vendors, along with the performance and reliability which they also find hard to match outside of the marketing slides...

  2. Joe 48


    Isn't the whole point of EVO-RAIL to be a more hyper converged modular setup, removing the need for separate storage you get in the converged setups? - Please forgive the converged buzz words....

    As soon as you add external storage you turn it back into a Flexpod. Also steps all over VMware VSAN. Not quite sure what this achieves except show Netapp are clutching at straws to regain some market share they've lost this year and yet again going about it all wrong.

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