back to article Regcast followup: Identity management in a connected world

In our Regcast Managing identity to drive business, ForgeRock’s Daniel Raskin explained why the function of identity management is changing from basic security and a way to lower operational costs to a world in which identity transforms your relationships (and the outcome of those relationships) with your customers. Behind …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Excellent piece...

    ... now consider the implications of this for whole communities where a 4Mbps Internet connetion is super-fast, and for whom the local MP is holding a public meeting on 5 February to assuage public anger for enduring over a month of speeds at 500Kbps down and 10-15Kbps up (on an ADSLMax connection!) simply because good old BT Openreach regards them solely as fodder to keep their Mumbai call centres occupied while the rest of the the world gets on with real life...

    Yes, this is exactly what has been going on in Skye over the Christmas and New Year break (happy holidays!) and beyond, even prompting a special Facebook group to be set up to gather evidence to repudiate BT's "Fault? What fault?" dismissal of individual complaints.

    If BT executives ever disappear under mysterious circumstances, they will be gone for good, because the island provides over 1,600 square km on which to bury the bodies... :)

    But seriously... UK.Gov already insists that a significant number of our "public" (ha!) services are transacted on-line, so what are these communities supposed to do? Or does this represent the start of the 21st century Highland clearances?

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