back to article Darwin, Beer and Big Data? Must be a Reg Lecture Video

On Tuesday 25 November, Professor Mark Whitehorn kicked off the inaugural Reg Christmas Lectures, and what a night it was... We packed them in upstairs at the Craft Beer Company pub on Leather Lane, Clerkenwell. It was tight, but nobody was stirring, not even a mouse as Mark took the attendees on a whirlwind journey around the …

  1. Joe Loughry

    There are lots of Reg readers overseas

    Thanks! I'm watching it now, and looking forward to the next video of Duncan Campbell's lecture.

  2. Joe Loughry
    Thumb Up

    Great lecture!

    I enjoyed it very much. It was well worth watching (and excellent video quality, by the way).

  3. phil dude

    interesting but...

    Beer and databases...a great combination


  4. Jamesdave

    Thumbs up

    Quite informative and comprehensive :)

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