back to article Fort Lauderdale websites DDoSed after Anonymous threats over feeding ban

Municipal websites in Fort Lauderdale, Florida suffered a distributed denial of service attack on Monday after Anonymous promised to disrupt the city's activities following the passing of local laws outlawing the feeding of homeless people. The attack occurred on Monday afternoon and led to massive congestion of the websites …

  1. RobZee

    Don't do as I do!

    Amazing how the right in the USA hate the poor and less fortunate and see compassion for them as communism, yet their fairy tale hero, Jesus, did a lot of that kind of thing!

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: Don't do as I do!

      Odd, innit?

    2. Scott 26

      Re: Don't do as I do!

      nice, have an upvote

    3. Oninoshiko

      Re: Don't do as I do!

      I looked up the political leanings of the Ft. Lauderdale commission. There is only 1 Republican on it, and that's the same guy (Roman Catholic) who tipped the balance in favor of a resolution in support of gay marriage.

      You might want to reconsider some assumptions.


  2. John Tserkezis

    The Government offficials at Fort Lauderdale, worked out since everyone kept feeding the homeless, they've been multiplying, over-running the city. By that reasoning, if you starve them, they'll eventually die out, or leave to ajoining areas, as long as they're outside the Fort Lauderdale political bounderies, who gives a crap, right?

    Perfectly logical reasoning for your typical public official.

    1. Shrimpling

      If they can't starve the homeless out perhaps they should just move Fort Lauderdale a few miles down the road and leave the homeless behind.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Anonymous Coward

    "...the city fathers needed to sit down with Mr. Abbott and his group ..."

    No, they just need to learn what "humanity" means and stop treating homeless people like feral pigeons.

  5. James O'Shea

    It's not just Ft Lauderdale

    There's a church (yes, a gen-u-wine, all-the-way, full-blown, Baptist church) in West Palm Beach which insists on actually caring for the homeless by among other things, giving them a place to sleep. WPB city officials have been bombarding the church with fines and other assorted crap for _years_ to try to get them to stop, you know, Doing God's Work(tm). Last I heard the church was going to lose their land (and, therefore, the actual church building, and, more importantly, the place where the homeless guys could sleep) because they had refused to pay the fines. The city backed down, temporarily, after a wave of bad publicity.

    The main reason for both FL and WPB's ire appears to be that a large proportion of the homeless are black. This is, after all, _South_ Florida. Have a look at the Florida state flag. Compare to the battle ensign of a certain military force which roamed Virginia, Maryland, and as far north as Pennsylvania about 150 years ago.

    <exit, stage left, to the tune of 'Marching Through Georgia'.'>

  6. Tom 13

    Abbott wasn't arrested for feeding the homeless

    He was cited for creating a hazardous situation in the city and the fascists have been lying about it ever since.

    Abbott organizes 500+ events where he puts out tables and food, but doesn't provide job johnnies or facilities to wash. Furthermore he needs a license to prepare food for that many people. It's just standard operating procedure for any public food facility.

    The ordinance, approved by the Commission 4-1, codified a list of rules for outdoor food distribution, including that sites must be 500 feet away from residential areas, have bathrooms or portable toilets, equipment for hand washing and consent of the owner. The law allows indoor feedings at houses of worship.

    "You have to balance the interests of everybody in the community," Seiler told PolitiFact Florida. "What we always try to do is make sure everybody gets to enjoy our parks. Every single thing we have done with the ordinance is a balance."

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Abbott wasn't arrested for feeding the homeless

      Did you actually read that article?

      The laws were SPECIFICALLY drafted to stop him doing this, a bit like the ass hole ones banning protests near the UK Parliament in order to try and get rid of a single protester.

      From that very article.

      "But while the law itself doesn’t technically ban outdoor feedings, it raises the bar for groups such as Abbott’s in a way that makes it almost impossible to clear"

      and as for

      "but doesn't provide job johnnies or facilities to wash."

      "..... the requirement that he get a port-a-potty should be moot since a public restroom is nearby and he says volunteers wash their hands before feedings and use gloves."

    2. Jonathan Richards 1

      Re: Abbott wasn't arrested for feeding the homeless

      > he needs a license to prepare food for that many people. It's just standard operating procedure for any public food facility

      Get that translated into first century Latin, and email it to

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's amazing... people can be so confused as to equate laws banning feeding transients with bombing of terrorists. Maybe education isn't their strong suit.

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