back to article Should you call on comms suppliers when you go for a BYOD setup?

BYOD (bring your own device) has its ups and its downs but it is becoming more and more popular and those of us in IT management need to learn to live with it. So assuming we have bitten the bullet and decided to go with BYOD, is it something we can do all on our own or should we be getting third parties involved? Are we …

  1. frank ly

    What about MAC address filtering?

    " ... you have to change the key frequently to prevent the world and his dog connecting from the car park over the road months after they left the company, ... "

    Just remove their device from the MAC address filter whitelist.

    1. kpanchev

      Re: What about MAC address filtering?

      MAC address filtering is the easiest protection to break, even my 8 year old daughter knows how to do it...

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