back to article Top Apple exec: 'I knew [ebook] prices were going to go up – hell, the whole world knew'

The head of Apple's software and services has hit out at a court ruling against the iTunes giant in a lawsuit over ebook price-fixing. Speaking in an interview with Fortune, senior vice-president Eddy Cue said Apple will fight to overturn its conviction for conspiring with publishers to inflate the price of digital titles. …

  1. P. Lee

    Shock: Vendors want prices to rise

    Shock: Collusion is illegal

    Just because they wanted it, doesn't mean you can collude to do it.

    You are free to raise prices on your own. You are not free to force everyone else's prices up.

    1. cyke1

      Re: Shock: Vendors want prices to rise

      And the fact the contract Apple wrote up for deal with publishers that no other place couldn't sell the books cheaper then what is on itunes store. Apple got what they deserved when court made them bend over.

      1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

        Re: Shock: Vendors want prices to rise

        Yes and No. We all know that Amazon are deliberately keeping ebook prices low to disintermediate publishers and thus each their lunch, and probably in the long term eat our consumers lunch as well.

        Given that and Amazon seems to currently have the freedom to abuse its monopoly position with almost zero regulatory oversight we shouldn't be surprised to find desperate* people doing desperate things. Whilst 2 wrongs don't make a right (unless you are acting on a global level to destabilise countries **cough** ) it seems wrong that Amazon has the freedom to act with impunity just because its having a short term benefit for consumers.

        At the same time I have very limited sympathy for the publishers. Where are my "doubleplay" combined books and ebooks like the Hollywood pigopolists do for "tripleplay" DVD's and BluRays?

        Baen used to do a variant of this years ago but has stopped :(

        *desperate for corporate measures of desparate (ie stoopid)

        1. cs94njw

          Re: Shock: Vendors want prices to rise

          Yeah - would LOVE double-play!

          Book for the bus to work, eReader/phone while on the bog.

          1. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge

            Re: Shock: Vendors want prices to rise

            No, no, no - book on the bog, e-reader on the bus. It's the only correct way.

  2. The Nazz

    Jail time.

    This is precisely why making Executies/Directors personally liable for criminal acts is long overdue.

  3. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    Evidence please

    If Cue wants to accuse publishers, that is fine - if he provides sufficient evidence for a conviction. Without that, he shouldn't complain that Apple was u̲̲n̲̲f̲̲a̲̲i̲̲r̲̲l̲̲y̲̲ singled out. Nothing prevented Apple from going to authors directly and offering a deal that is fair to authors and customers, like Baen or they could have tried something really innovative like

  4. Tromos

    The $450m penalty won't be a crippling financial blow for Apple

    Well, multiply it by a few hundred and see if the buggers finally start taking the law seriously.

    1. Wade Burchette Silver badge

      Re: The $450m penalty won't be a crippling financial blow for Apple

      Better yet, make the penalty come from the wallets of the executives instead of the coffers of the company. If the decision makers have to pay out of their own money I guarantee you that there will be a lot less corporate malfeasance.

    2. Dan Paul

      Re: The $450m penalty won't be a crippling financial blow for Apple

      If that isnt enough to get their attention then I suggest a percentage of revenue.

      Something like 20% of the GROSS SALES ought to get their attention and make them stop future "bad decisions".

      BTW, have an upvote.

  5. cortland

    The COOL thing

    The cool thing about real books is that families and other subsequent buyers get to keep the ones they like. Our children might just think of us when they see the notes we made in them, too.

  6. MonkeyScrabble

    "Cue freely admits Apple worked with publishers to fix the prices readers paid for ebooks, but argues Apple was being unfairly singled out when all it really wanted to do was bring electronic copies to the (paying) masses."

    So by that reckoning Lee Harvey Oswalds lawyers could have said that, yes, he shot JFK but he was really doing us all a favour because JFK was a bit of a troublemaker\man whore and nearly caused WW3 over the Cuban missile crisis\drove Marilyn Monroe to suicide so by killing him, LHO was helping to secure world peace\chastity for movie starlets.

    Seems airtight to me.

    Breaking the law is breaking the law, fictional "good" (I use the world VERY loosely when in the same sentence as Apple) intentions mean nothing. How can you possibly expect to have a court decision overturned when you simply admit that your company commited a criminal act, "Cue freely admits Apple worked with publishers to fix the prices", and then try to justify it by saying it was for the altruistic\humanitarian reasons we all know Apple are famous for?

    And I agree with Tromos. Give them a proper fine, $4.5 billion minimum, and 50% of their book sales profits for 5 years. Also go after the publishers and gift them with similar fines.

    These bell ends only care about money so they need to be hit hard in the only place it hurts. Only when they are finally hit hard enough that it hurts will they start to change.

  7. Dan Paul

    Real Printed Books

    Screw ALL the ebook crap. This only serves to enrich those that provide them like Amazon or Apple, NOT the author or the bookstores.

    A real book helps to support jobs in many markets including more renumeration for the authors than the skinflints at Amazon or Apple want to pay.

    With a real book; you have the the author, the publisher, the retailer, the ink and paper manufacturers, the binders and printers, the shippers, etc, etc.

    Manufacturers need to stop looking at employees like they are overhead, just because any "savings" from creating electronic media versus print media only go towards the big corporations pockets.

    Real jobs that pay real wages are a boost to the economy and even the employers, not a drain.

    If everyone is on welfare, they can't buy your product and there would be an increase in corporate taxes to help pay for the welfare.

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