back to article Get your staff working on the move: Develop that app for mobile

Working on the move has become most people's normal way of operating. We are used to having our world in our pocket and being able to read and write emails, produce simple documents and generally stay in the corporate loop whether we are in the office, in the pub, on a train or (sadly) sitting on a beach trying to be on holiday …

  1. James 51

    The title is too long.

    "And if you are about to blurt “but what about BlackBerry?” go home and watch a film on your videodisc player and stop bothering people."

    There's a few different 'native' development platforms for Blackberry. Stuff like Qt with C++ is suppose to powerful and good for porting across platforms. Maemo and Sailfish use it as well.

    I know lots of places that are going for web pages as apps to future proof the work.

  2. Khaptain Silver badge

    Stopped reading after 1st line

    >Working on the move has become most people's normal way of operating

    Faffing about on the move has become most people's normal way of operating


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I could do some work on the move - using a phone - that wasn't background reading or similar, but only if I could swap UI away from android into something more std linux so I could run proper applications (latex, scilab, python, etc). I particularly look forward to peering (at) my phone using a large magnifying glass so as to get best use out of all those lovely pixels it has.

    Or not :-)

  4. getHandle

    Appears to be word-for-word copy of previous article

    From a couple of weeks ago: here. Wrong content submitted maybe?

  5. Irongut

    I stopped reading at the point where the author thought that Visual Studio, Eclipse and Xcode are graphical SDKs! At least learn the difference between an SDK and an IDE if you're going to write an article about programming.

  6. LucreLout

    Life in large comapnies can be stale. The chance of me getting to write commercial mobile apps is limited to say the least.

    While the article has some.... deficiencies, pointed out by other posters, it has got me wondering how strong the market is for someone that can code across the 2.5 main OSes, and if that might be a decent way to diversify skills-wise.

  7. Nathan11

    And all of this is more cost effective/practical/technically superior than building secure, responsive web application that runs on any device?

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