back to article CONTAINER WARS: CoreOS blasts Rocket rival at Docker

CoreOS, the lightweight Linux distro based around Linux containers and Docker, will develop its own application container tech to compete against Docker. On Monday, CoreOS unveiled a prototype version of Rocket, a command-line tool for working with App Container, the company's home-brewed container image format, runtime, and …

  1. Barbarian At the Gates

    Feature bloat?

    Sometimes, when you make something, simple, powerful and's done, other than the maintenance and bug fixing. But when that happens, what do you do with your time?

    Hollywood has sequel-itis and remakes. Software has feature bloat.

  2. Javapapa

    CoreOS Blog graphics styling?

    Terrible choice of thin line font and very light gray text color, IMHO. Does anyone know if a Chrome or Firefox extension exists to force text to be rendered full black? I remember the early days when IE or NN would allow overriding the designer's intent.

    Hard to determine righteousness or unrighteousness when you can't read the reasoning without performing SelectAll to invert the colors. Or is it just me?

    1. Jonathan Richards 1 Silver badge

      Re: CoreOS Blog graphics styling?

      > Does anyone know if a Chrome or Firefox extension exists to force text to be rendered full black?

      It's just as easy to tell Firefox to ignore all that stylistic stuff, if you just want the text content. Hold down the Alt key and press V, Y, N successively (View, Style, No Style). Works for me on the CoreOS blog, and is a trick I use often when I come across an offering from someone who thinks red 6pt Comic Sans on a patterned blackish background is a brilliant design...

  3. Jonathan Richards 1 Silver badge

    One ring to rule them all...

    "Docker ... all compiled into one monolithic binary running primarily as root on your server."

    "CoreOS's tools for working with App Container will be integrated, yet independent from one another."

    That sounds familiar, somehow. Globbers vs integrators - this week's theme, as systemd provokes a Debian fork, and Docker provokes a ground-up competitor with a different philosophy.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Monolithic monolithic

    Docker, criticized for being monolithic, yet Rocket is using systemd. Oh boy. Fun stuff.

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