back to article Dropbox sees rival file-piles merely as dots in rearview mirror

A biz-research report says that cloudy pile-o-files Dropbox is currently walking away with the enterprise sync 'n' share market. The report (451 subscription required) shows a chart depicting Dropbox' dominance. The 451 organisation surveyed 1,000 users and found Dropbox led with circa 44 per cent, followed by Microsoft's …

  1. Mage

    Barge pole

    Why are "Enterprise" using these dodgy 3rd party Services?

    Totally opaque in Security & Privacy, except of course Google has a bad reputation reading other people's stuff, Dropbox bad security record and MS a bad uptime record.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Why are "Enterprise" using these dodgy 3rd party Services?

      Because it takes ages to set something up internally. The old story. Or security getting in the way.

      Back in 2006, I knew of senior managers who were emailing stuff to hotmail accounts to be able to get .zips from 3rd parties onto their machines.

      1. Tom 35

        Re: Why are "Enterprise" using these dodgy 3rd party Services?

        They also sell direct to sales/marketing so they don't have to talk to IT. No need to hear why something is a bad idea from your IT department, just subscribe to our cloud service.

  2. Suricou Raven


    I wrote my own little script for uploading files quickly to a webserver and generating a link to paste into an email. It's quick and dirty, but it works very well. Fast, reliable and no faffing around when the other end is behind an office firewall that blocks Dropbox.

    Security is pretty poor, though. Sends the password in plaintext, unless you configure https.

  3. Khaptain Silver badge


    Surprised to see that BitSync is not on the list. I know it is relatively new but I thought it would have been there.

  4. kmac499

    Personal Cloud...

    I use Dropbox a lot, but I'm sorely tempted by a decent NAS Box with it's own personal cloud server. The reasons being potentially a lot more space, and the economics of renting that amount of space of DropBox, MS, Google et al compared to outright purchase.

    1. petur

      Re: Personal Cloud...

      Just do it...

      I haven't touched my dropbox and box accounts in more than a year, the Gdrive as little as possible.

      The only limit is uplink bandwidth, which here in Belgium is pretty limited either by technology (Belgacom, copper) or corporate idiots (Telenet, cable), the latter trying if they can charge you an arm and a leg for 10mbps....

      So if I have to pass a huge file to several people, I upload it to a webserver I have an account on (yes, cheating, I know, but my ISP also limits me to 100GB)

  5. Mark Allen

    Dropbox is Hoover

    The clever trick that Dropbox has pulled off is being the name the average ID.10T user associates with cloud services. There may be better and more controllable services out there, but some how dropbox is the name that people go to first.

    Just like many people call all vacuum cleaners "Hoover", even when made by another brand. Or all tablets being referred to as "iPads" even when the user is really talking about an Android

  6. Alister

    I'd just like to say, your sub-head on this article made me laugh out loud, brilliant!

  7. Mike Flugennock

    Dropbox's competition may be "dots" in the rearview...

    ...but at least none of them have CONDOLEEZZA FUCKIN' RICE sitting on their boards of directors.

  8. phil dude

    closed source client...

    It is a truffle pig that gets installed with a closed source blob, and sniffs around for data to upload.

    If you feel you must use cloud, encrypt and then send your data to the "attached" box. Assuming you care, that is....

    Binary blobs are a Trojan no matter which way around you wear it...


  9. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    "The 451 organisation surveyed 1,000 users"

    Were they all American?

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