back to article DataCore lifts baton, strikes up the 64th SANsymphony

Comment DataCore has updated its SANsymphony and Virtual SAN software products to reach 100 million IOPS and 64PB capacity. It's also getting into bed with Azure. SANsymphony builds a SAN from a cluster of servers, aggregating each server's storage into a central virtual pool. The company has built its product on virtual SAN …

  1. MortenMadsen

    one hundred million!!!

    100 million IOPS on 64 nodes, that is 1,562,500 IOPS per node and then scale 100% linear. I don't buy it.


      Re: one hundred million!!!

      Not so unbelievable. 2x P420's in a storage pool and that’s 1.5m IOPS right there. Scaling it over 64 nodes is a bit beyond my pay grade though.

    2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: one hundred million!!!

      Give me 64 nodes and I will get you 100M IOPS with at plenty of room to spare. If you honestly think that's difficult to achieve you have not been playing with good gear. As the other chap said: Micron p420m PCI-E SSDs will get you there with room to spare. That's before we look into Diablo MCS or start lashing things together with A3Cube.

      100M IOPS per cluster is so "done". The new push is to get 250M sustainable. And I can point you at at least three groups who claim to have hit that in lab. I'm told we're to see 500M IOPS in a single cluster by VMworld.

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