back to article Hey, here's some face-tracking tech from Samsung you probably won't find creepy at all

Samsung says it'll release the source code to software that allows physically disabled people to move a mouse pointer with their eyes. The South Korean tech giant promised to publish hardware blueprints and code for its Eyecan+ box so others can develop it further and sell as a thing.Samsung said it won't turn the tech into a …

  1. silent_count

    Since most laptops have built in cameras, it will be interesting to see if this tech becomes more mainstream. Imagine just looking at where you want the mouse pointer to be then blinking to click*.

    And if laptops didn't need track pads, they'd be smaller, (slightly) cheaper, and also have one less component that can break.

    * I imagine most able-bodied people would still prefer hardware mouse buttons - to prevent accidental misclicks and to make dragging operations easier.

  2. TheDoc

    Looks almost identical to the EyeTribe tracker that is actually in use already for disability apps.

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