back to article KCOM Group results hit by Phones4U woes

Brit telco and tech services playa KCOM Group has kickstarted a cost-cutting programme to counter a wobbly top and bottom line, not helped by the collapse of Phone4You and slower than expected PSN demand. The LSE-listed Hull-based group reported a 6.7 per cent drop in turnover to £173m for the first half of fiscal ’15, as …

  1. tin 2

    Phone4You ?? Who they?

  2. Dug Stokes

    That explains why Eclipse has sucked lately

    They added a Fair Usage Policy back in August, put in bandwidth-squishing taking speeds from 15mbps down to <2mbps for heavy users, and employed idiots on the support lines who just say anything to get you off the phone. Eclipse is just another crappy ISP now, wondered why it had happened, seems KCOM is to blame.

    1. paulf

      Re: That explains why Eclipse has sucked lately

      I did wonder why they suddenly lost interest in the home market a few months ago when they redesigned their website. When I contacted them they insisted they're still interested in home users but the ominous "Home customers click: here" link at the top of the pages says it all.

      Sad - I've been with them for 12 years because the service was always pretty good. Why do I have a nagging fear this will end with, "We've teamed up with Talk Talk/BT/EE/<Other Shit big name provider who will be delighted to wallet shaft you> and they will now be providing your service". Yeek!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Unrealistic expectations

    I applied for a job at Eclipse once - they wanted someone that lived in the Midlands, equidistance from their Wakefield headquarters and Exeter offices.

    So I drove 2 hours to the interview in Wakefield. It was explained that initially I would need to be in the office everyday, but once trust was established this wouldn't be essential. However I would spend the majority of my time at either of the offices.

    They offered me the job, on £30k a year, get real! I did tell them that I thought they were being unrealistic in their expectations.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Eclipse already lost interest in the home market once, around the time of the KCOM takeover. That was the same time KCOM bought Omnetica (where some of the big customer names actually come from) and promptly spent two years trying to work out what it was they had bought. I imagine the "direction" came from the KCOM guys.

    Eclipse were genuinely brilliant before then (so much so that - weirdly enough - P4u's store WAN ran mainly on Eclipse domestic DSL for a time). Then they lost interest, I cancelled most of my services with them due to mindblowingly hideous service (like: yeah sorry everything's been down for a week, but really we're not that bothered), then they sorted it all out and became pretty good again.

    Seems they've forgotten they went through that and are repeating it. Perhaps a new person at the top again?

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