back to article Who's been writing in my apps? Googlilocks builds new apps-tracker

Google has bolstered the security of its Apps platform with new reports providing insight into the number of devices accessing the account over the past month. The Devices and Activity dashboard displayed all devices active on an account in the last 28 days and those still signed in. Google Apps security. Google Apps …

  1. RyokuMas

    "new security tools to help Google Apps users take more control of their security online"

    Yup, all about giving users more security. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact it's yet another data stream for Google to harvest. No sir.

  2. lee harvey osmond

    Google -Apps- users

    ... so I started shuffling through my collection of machines and browsers until I found one that Google didn't dismiss as 'unsupported', then found the app-tracker thingy.

    I deduced, from the surprisingly short list that showed up, use of Google search does not count. Use of the Gmail webapp counts. Use of Gmail via POP3s/IMAP4s/SMTPs does not count, even though you need the account id+pw to make it work. Hmmm.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only about 3 years behind Facebook then, who had this feature ages ago.

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