Google force beam theories

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    Google force beam theories

    Hi, I assume people here have seen the articles on Daily Mail etc.

    I have a theory that it might be an experimental antigravity device Google are working on.

    The effect seems to be their attempt at making a CTC/QC hybrid by generating an antigravity beam within the system to form a closed timelike curve, also the axial magnetic field would further stabilize the quantum computer by phase locking the qubits to a fixed dimensional reference point.

    This would also explain the side effects, as electrostatic charge buildup would be expected due to the connection between gravitomagnetic and electromagnetic fields.

    In this case the static beam would extend out of the device for hundreds of feet despite being in a basement under Google's HQ and pass through the shielding layers.

    Fortunately it appears most of the effects are minor but still they should be careful with this as a lot of bad things have been known to happen with strong magnetic fields (google "MRI quench")...

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