back to article Get your CLOCK out, you coders: Apple emits Watch dev kit

Apple hasn't yet even set a date for the sale of its smart watch: but it's keen to have a full suite of apps ready at the launch – and it would like it if other people developed these at their own expense. hence it has put out an SDK. The SDK, dubbed WatchKit, is available now, and it includes a Watch emulator to run software …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple's delay with the iPhone

    Wasn't "giving in", waiting was deliberate on Apple's part:

    1) they wanted developers to know they would be getting in on a big market, not taking a risk on a new product that might flop - waiting generated pent up demand for developers to get access and resulted in creation of a large number of apps very quickly, rather than the slow trickle that it probably would be started with otherwise

    2) they wanted developer tools to be polished and provide a good experience, the tools were not in proper shape at the time of the iPhone's release

    3) they wanted the app 'sandbox' to be sure to prevent data leakage between apps and between the OS and apps

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: Apple's delay with the iPhone

      Your post demonstrated far too much common sense for this early hour.

      Don't worry, the Fruity Hater will be along soon to pour scorn on the whole thing.

      As for me, I'm waiting until I can get my hands on one before deciding if this is another Zune or and iPod.

      At the moment, my like/dislike rating is 'Meh!' trending towards 'So What'.

      The only plus thing I can see for it is that it is not a solid band type device like the MS bit of kit.

      Come Feb/whenever, we shall be able to try them out and make informed decisions. Until then... 'Meh!'.

  2. Frankee Llonnygog

    Poor apps developers

    Having to develop apps at their own expense. Maybe they should demand that Apple let them charge money for their apps. Who knows? Some might even make a modest profit.

    Is there a word for trolling articles? Trolltickles? Orcwords?

  3. DubiousMind

    Apple Watch, what's the point

    When Apple announced the Apple Watch, I thought "that's cool", and was impressed with the keynote presentation. Had Apple had them (iPhone and Watch) to buy the day after the announcement I may have even been tempted; definitely with the phone and maybe with the watch, but since bought a Moto X.

    Having had time to think about the watch, what's the point? Unless you're really into sport and want to monitor everything you do, or take a lot of flights, which most of us don't, I don't see the fascination of this product, or am I missing something?

    In addition, as an OS X developer I have no inclination to write apps for this product. Am I an exception here?

    1. Mike Bell

      Re: Apple Watch, what's the point

      No need to wave your phone or your credit card at an NFC terminal; just wave the watch. IIRC, Apple Watch will be able to conduct Apple Pay transactions with phones older than the iPhone 6.

      And, as El Reg pointed out a while back, the new messaging system will be greatly appreciated by users in the Far East.

  4. Anonymous Coward

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