back to article Hewlett Foundation lays out MEELLIONS on security

The Hewlett Foundation has found US$45m in its other jacket, and has anointed three lucky US universities to spend on security research. MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley will share the simoleons, in a program MIT says is designed to generate a “robust marketplace of ideas”, whatever that is. On a more pragmatic basis, the …

  1. Christian Berger

    45 millions!?

    You could probably advance the science of proof assisted language enough to provide a well usable language, then implement an operating system and a browser in that language. You'd still have enough money left to provide free courses to learn about it.

    Of course the money will be spent on patching already broken systems... which will be obsolete in 2 years and replaced with systems that have exactly the same flaws as there were no decent more secure platforms out there as a well known and usable alternative.

    I mean seriously, 45 millions, that easily gets you 20 people working just off the interest rate. That's easily the manpower to develop and maintain a decent unixoid operating system.

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