back to article Mozilla SELLS FIREFOX MOBILES ... in Greece

Phones based on the Mozilla Firefox platform have been targeted at far flung places such as Bangladesh and Brazil, but now a major European network has them for sale. Cosmote is the biggest mobile network in Greece, is 40 per cent owned by Deutsche Telekom, and has just started selling the 3.5-inch Alcatel One Touch C, and the …

  1. Michael Habel Silver badge

    My guess is that these Devices all come with the a MediaTek CPU. So the chances of it being a useful plaything to hack 'round with are virtually zero. Then again, not everyone wants to pay +500€ for the privilege of having a modest 'Droid, or iThingy either. Such types are more worried about the Voice Call quality of the Device instead. Should it have all the needed "Sensors" required for GPS Navigation, so much the better.

    IMHO the things that probably kill it are the Screen, and the 4GB of shared ROM, and a paltry 512Mb of RAM. The MediaTek CPU can be a bit of a hit or miss afire. Especially when it comes to the non-existent updates. Not to mention MediaTek's ughh reluctance to release a decent SDK for such People who'd be interested in creating Custom ROMs for such Devices. Be it for Android or Firefox...

    But, I wonder if Mozilla have any plans in trying to convince such writers of Android Custom ROMs to give their Mozilla OS a try?

    1. Simon Rockman

      No, it's a Qualcomm dual core. They don't say what I guess a 400

      1. Michael Habel Silver badge

        No, it's a Qualcomm dual core. They don't say what I guess a 400

        Thanks.. Well that should help anyone who'd care to port either Miui or Android on it then. I based my assumption on the fact that a number of other Alcatel Phones have used MediaTek Parts in the past. I just figgered that this was the same case here of being another chepo China Phone. But, it seems like that's not the case this time.

  2. Tim Jenkins

    Fixed that for you


    First sale yet to be confirmed.

  3. Number6

    I hope they're insisting on real cash up-front for these sales and aren't offering credit terms.

    1. Philippe

      great comment

      I really don't know why some guy downvoted you. It was a good joke.

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