back to article EMC CEO Joe Tucci tries to win hearts and minds from VC backers

EMC is going to ask its shareholders whom they support: CEO Joe Tucci or hedge fund exec Paul Singer? At a Wells Fargo investment conference last week, Tucci outlined his thinking about EMC’s recent history, its future and an appeal to shareholders. Paul Singer’s Elliott Management is the activist investor trying to persuade …

  1. Ivan Hallworth

    First rate analysis

  2. Fred Snarff

    VCE run rate

    Didn't he say VCE would be a $2B annual run rate? I believe it has been at a $1B annual run rate for at least a year already?

    1. Big Ed

      Re: VCE run rate

      So here's the deal. When VCE was a standalone entity; they could talk about their annual revenues; and that included compute, storage, networking, services, and packaging. And EMC would report the storage it sold, Cisco, their compute and network, etc.

      But now that VCE is a wholly owned entity, you can't count twice. The storage in a vBlock either gets counted in the Core Technology Division tally or in the VCE tally, but not both.

      So I think when Joe is talking revenue for VCE, he has to take the storage component previously reported twice into account.

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