back to article Sealed with a kiss: Er, 80 MILLION BACTERIA

Boffins have estimated that a sexy snog could transfer as many as 80 million bacteria every time a couple locks lips. A short smooch generally feels exciting for the humans taking part, but it's even more thrilling for the tiny bugs who take the chance to embark upon an exodus into another person's body. Some 700 types of …

  1. D@v3


    How long to these 'similarities' last after the marathon snog session? How likely is it that you will be sharing your previous partner, with your next?

    1. DocJames
      Paris Hilton

      Re: persistance

      Depends how quickly you switch partners

      And it's persistence...

      Paris, cos she knows about both

  2. jake Silver badge


    The Wife & I help build up our immune systems with every snog.

    Can't ask for more than that. Win-win.

  3. frank ly

    So, ...

    ... when my neighbour finds me kissing his wife, I can 'explain' that I was helping her to build up her immune system?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ok, I'll be the one to ask.

    Has a similar study been done for kissing, ahem, well, "down there"?

    1. Grikath

      Re: Ok, I'll be the one to ask.

      Several actually. There's been studies into this area in STD prevention and various other subjects in medicine and life sciences in general.

      Given that the microflora that uses us as a playground is a major barrier to all kinds of other nasties that are...less civilised.. about cohabitation, it's a rather serious field of research.

    2. Joe User

      Re: Ok, I'll be the one to ask.

      Yes, and it isn't good:

      HPV-Linked Throat Cancer May Have Telltale Signs

      HPV = human papillomavirus, the cause of genital warts.

  5. Ragarath

    5 Times a Day!

    I wish my Wife would stump up 5 10 second long frenchies a day let alone the 9 it take for similarities.

  6. K

    Because I am ..

    Now girls, form an orderly queue..

  7. NP-HARD


    It's giving nanny a big kiss that causes potty-mouth

  8. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    many of our faces chase off potential snog partners

    Was it just me that read that as feaces?

    Monkey see, monkey do.

    1. VinceH

      Re: many of our faces chase off potential snog partners

      Brings new meaning to the term shitfaced.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kind of off-putting

    Shortly after somehow managing to obtain my first girlfriend, I was struck down with what my Doctor described as the worst case of glandular fever he'd ever seen (I suspect the docs say that kind of thing to many of their patients just to make them feel special).

    It put me off snogging for quite some time!

    Oh, and the cow dumped me just as I was recovering but I was still feeling quite wiped out, which didn't help either :)

  10. phil dude

    kissing and microbes...

    You might like to know, that microbes love our cavities...all of them.

    So when you kiss one, you might well be getting a bit of the other....


  11. Yugguy

    BACTERIA ARE NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    You need them. You NEED dirt to strengthen your immune system.

    NOWHERE in your home do you need antibacterial sprays.

    This annoys me no end.

    Antibacterial home cleaning products were yet another solution for which there was never a problem, but somehow managed to suck in the 95% of gullible, panicked idiots out there.

    1. Alistair

      Re: BACTERIA ARE NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

      absolute agreement on that front, here.

      Strong suspicion that the raging outbreak of "allergic to the world" is a result of same. No, correlation is not causation, but then, no one has done any real studies on the issue since it might cost the "home sterilization" industry its existence. Wouldn't want that now would we?

      1. Kobus Botes
        Paris Hilton

        Re: BACTERIA ARE NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

        @ Alistair:

        You're on the right track, but wrong agent. Try intestinal worms - see Helminthic therapy as a start ( Any search on intestinal worms/parasites and allergies will yield numerous hits.

        It is actually a fascinating (albeit slightly gross, if you are of a delicate disposition) subject. But, I fear, with hordes of lawyers lurking in the shadows, it may never become a viable therapy. Not to mention that Big Pharma are furiously looking for something to synthesize that can be administered in a more socially acceptable form - obviously with the promise of enormous profits acting as an incentive to bad-mouth a natural (and vastly less profitable) remedy.

        --------------> No worm/parasite icon, so this will have to suffice (and it is in keeping with the topic, no?).

    2. Duffy Moon

      Re: BACTERIA ARE NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

      Not even on kitchen worktops/chopping boards?

      1. Alistair

        Re: BACTERIA ARE NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

        'good old soap and water. No more no less. Keep it basically clean and you're good.

        If you've a wooden (proper) chopping board and have bleached it even once, replace it, you've broken its natural ability to kill off bacteria. (yes its been proven)

      2. GrumpyOldMan

        Re: BACTERIA ARE NOT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

        Have a look on iPlayer - Horizon did a prog on that a while back. One wonders how we managed for millennia without some of these products. Don't get me wrong - many have helped to combat what were very common killer diseases, but many are superfluous.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's enough to turn the stomach!


  13. dan1980

    I suspect the disparity between the reported number of kisses for men and women has something to do with the response I get sometimes:

    "That's not a proper kiss!!!"

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    80 million, a mere drop.

    Pah, I estimate that up to 5 Beellion bacteria are passed on each snog and I'm not even a scientist.

    (My provider says I might get UP TO 8 Meg broadband speeds as well although it mostly seems to be around 2)

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does this mean

    In the future kissing may be the equivalent of filesharing, with bacteria acting as data backup storage space?

    I did read somewhere that they had stored something like 100Kbytes of data in a plasmid or similar and these are then passed on when the bacteria reproduce so it is entirely feasible that the cybernetic implants could transcode data into bacterial cells as a form of biological redundancy?

    Gives a whole new meaning to "downloading" .. ha ha ha.

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