Dummy-readable benchmarking tools

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  1. Quinch

    Dummy-readable benchmarking tools

    I've got a question, and I figure a bunch of fine, snarky, platform-agnostic* gents and ladies might offer some advice.

    So, I work retail in a chain that flogs, among other things, electronics. The clientele can, by and large, be classified as either "newly weds" and "nearly deads" within the town itself, with a bunch of farmers in the surrounding areas.

    I'm growing gradually tired of trying to explain the nuances of hyperthreading, multi-core architectures, and given the upcoming Christmas mobbings, I'm going to be increasingly short on time too, so I figured what I could do is use visual aids, rather than trying to explain to various hexo-and-octogenerians why computer A is going to be more responsive than the computer B, even though it has a higher number by the word CPU and they remember hearing that them pentiums are pretty fast. Something simple that doesn't clutter up the output with SHA1 hash times and JPG decompressions, just a dumbed-down score, or as close as possible, to represent how fast their computer will be able to pull up their Word documents and Facebook profiles that I can slap on as a wallpaper on the demo units.

    Lay it on me.

    * i.e. equally irreverent

  2. Necronomnomnomicon

    I was going to suggest the Windows Experience Index

    But it seems that Microsoft killed that off with Windows 8.1.

    Passmark covers many of the same things for a small fee. Output is fairly straightforward. They also do iPad and Android apps.

  3. WillHolt

    Is it just me or is anyone else finding FF30.0 utterly unusable? Since the "upgrade", I can open exactly one page. Any attempt to do anything on the page - click, scroll, anything at all - or open a second page results in the browser hanging and then (eventually) a full CTD.


    [url=http://www.testking.me/1Y0-400-exam.html]1Y0-400 vce[/url]

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