back to article The Toyota Aygo is PARKtastic ... but it is very much a City slicker

Toyota had good reason to be pleased with its little Aygo. Launched in 2005, it went on to sell over three-quarters of a million units in Europe alone. That number doesn't include the near identical Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107 cars that also rolled off the Toyota-Peugeot-Citroën Automobile joint-venture production line at Kolín …

  1. Geoff Campbell

    Wonderful little cars

    I had the original version for three years, and did 60,000 miles in it. I'd recommend going for the sequential gearbox option, and driving it like a four-wheeled motorbike, full throttle and maximum revs everywhere, at which point it becomes a real hoot, and still does 60mpg. Unexpectedly a very capable long-distance motorway car, too.

    Yes, it looks and feels quite cheap, but nothing fell off in those three years, and somehow the utilitarian looks added to the charm, I'm not sure why.


    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Re: Wonderful little cars

      It has devolved.

      The original 1.0L 3 cylinder came to Toyota group from its Daihatsu division as the driving power inside the Daihatsu Mira aka Cuore/Charade. IIRC it first appeared on the 1998 Mira and really came to shine on the 2003-2007 Mira/Charade.

      Compared to the Aygo, the Mira/Charade is a briliant city vehicle - no thrills, utilitarian, functional and most importantly zippy - 12s to 60, not the snail pace 15 you get from the Japano-French geriatric. It is also geared very low (same as the Daihatsu 2003 SIrion mk 3) so the 12s does not depict the real driving experience in city conditions - the performance in 0-30 is considerably higher than what can be expected from the 12s number (sub-4s if memory serves me right).

      Its sole problem was the utterly inept marketing by Daihatsu in Europe compounded by internal restrictions inside Toyota group and the mandate of: "though shall address youf and pensioners and though shall not compete with the Yaris". So it did not sell around here anywhere near the levels at which the Mira sold in the far east (there it is outsold Toyota proper left right and center).

      Compared to that (which are the Aygo roots), the original Aygo was a step backwards and this one is not an improvement either. I will take a 2003 Charade over an Aygo any day today, pity they do not make them any more.

      In any case - it is surprising that Toyota are not shipping a Turbo version of it. A turbo for the 1L Daihatsu/Toyota 3 cyl has been available for ages taking its ~55-65 bhp (depending on sub-variety, exhaust assembly, etc) to nearly 100. Otherwise - I agree, the original unit is now way old in the tooth to be competitive with the new VW group small vehicles.

    2. tmTM

      Hows it compare on price??

      The Old C1/107 cars were hands down the best budget buy in their day.

      They were a good thousand pounds cheaper than the Toyota for pretty much identical spec.

      I think we caught the dealer on a good day with our 107, it was an old spec/reg they needed to shift, it was so cheap we needed to double check the figure.

    3. Valerion

      Re: Wonderful little cars

      I've got a '56 plate one.

      Clutch went after 35,000 miles.

      Exhaust has just gone (rusted apart) after 46,000 miles.

      Last time I replaced a clutch in a car was at 130,000 miles and that was in a Rover built by a slovenly Midlander. I have literally never had to replace an exhaust.

      Parcel shelf is flimsy as hell, aircon switch broke, adjustable wingmirrors no longer adjust, speakers were pathetic (made out of paper, but £25 on some Pioneer replacements improved sound matter a lot). Very uncomfortable to drive and noisy, too.

      The Mitsubishi 7-seater I bought a few months before that has done twice the mileage has not had a single thing go wrong. Ever.

      It may be convenient and easy to park (strangely my wife who normally drives the MPV which she can park like a pro, can't park it because it's "too small"), and cheap tax/insurance, but I can't see myself buying another on the strength of the one I've got. Fortunately my daughter has just turned 18 so I can palm it off on her and buy something new!

      1. melt

        Re: Wonderful little cars

        Odd. I had a '55 that was over 120,000 on the original clutch.

        Perhaps yours was more of a seating issue - the lack of footrest did mean that it was very easy to ride the clutch...

  2. Bassey

    Horses for courses

    Someone opposite me has had one for a couple of months now. Even after two months, every time I see it sat in the drive, for a split second, I think it's been in an accident. Something about the grey used for the front-cross makes it look, to my eyes, like a replacement panel that the repairers haven't got around to spraying yet.

    On the other hand, I quite like the instrument binnacle (rev-counter aside).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Horses for courses

      Yeah, the first thing I saw was the cross on the front, it looked like a gaffa tape fix to some minor accident to me. A cartoon style bandage.

      Nothing wrong with the instrument binnacle for me either, looks quite funky I think, especially for a small functional car.

    2. JeffyPoooh

      Re: Horses for courses

      It looks French. The Subject line word "Horses" helped to coalesce my thoughts for some reason. Hmmm, what's for lunch?

      Looks French. For 'ATOYOT' *, that's an improvement. A big improvement. Their cars are typically so hidiously, gob-smackingly ugly that I can feel bile rising each time one enters my field of view. All of them, no exceptions. Including those branded Lexus. They also don't seem to know how to install an exhaust pipe; always dangling beneath the car. Even brand new. Idiots.

      * Toyota once sponsored a big silly sail boat in some big silly sail boat race. Must have been 12 or 15 years ago. The camera helicopters trailed the boats, so the brand name emblazoned on the translucent sails were only visible from the rear. Every since then, they've been called "ATOYOT" in our household.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Horses for courses

      The design is trying to be a bit SMART car like, but failing.

      But then, when has the east ever had its own design ideas eh? just look at Samsung.

    4. Alister Silver badge

      Re: Horses for courses

      Being half Scot, I see echoes of the Saltire in that bold cross pattern slashed across the nose,

      Well It looks to me like a Klingon battle weapon...

      No, I'm not Klingon...

  3. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

    Is the amount of space left in the rear when the front seats are pushe right back.

    My guestimate for thie car is about 1 hand.

    What price 4 adults fitting in then.

    To be honest most cars fail this test some more than others. The only car I've owned/leased that would pass this was the Citroen XM. Front seat right back and a 6ft+ adult could easily get in the back.

    1. Vic

      Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

      The only car I've owned/leased that would pass this was the Citroen XM.

      The XM is a proper beast.

      I was once given a large fridge-freezer, on condition I could take it away that night.

      The XM swallowed it :-)


      1. Steven Raith

        Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

        Me dad had an XM hatch, and the amount of space in that thing was crazy.

        Two litre turbo petrol IIRC, which gave it a reasonable amount of performance, hydraulic suspension for the magic carpet ride with zero roll.

        Just never, *ever* buy the 24valve petrol second hand - it's almost guaranteed to eat it's camshafts; they had a similar problem getting oil up there as the ford Pinto engines (although the pinto had issues if you didn't change the oil and filter as it cloggged up the spray bar for the cams, I never learned what the Citroens problem was) and they should be avoided at all costs these days.

        Ironically the hydraulic suspension is the most reliable part, presuming the electrics that control it these days don't go kaput (it was never a problem on the BX but I hear horror stories about XMs and Xantia Activas)

        I saw a Mk1 Citroen C5 the other day, all the dealer stamps, full history, 11 months MOT, £595 - I was sorely tempted just to see what it was like....

        Big Citroens. Gotta love the crazy they had - and with the C6, still have. They're heading down to £5k these days at seven years old....a more *interesting* choice than an older 530i/d at the same price...

        Steven R

        1. ridley

          Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

          The C5 is not bad, not very interesting but a good car for peanuts money. Besides I do not have much choice Citroens seem to be the only cars that can comfortably fit my 6ft 5in frame.

        2. Jean Le PHARMACIEN

          Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

          I've had three Xantia TDs - driven to 175K; 198K and 120K. They were the older 'mechanical' hydraulic suspension and had only 3 'problems' -new spheres (v cheap compared to fitting shockers) every 60K. Seized rear height adjuster at 10yrs old in another and my 14 yr old one developed a crack in one hydraulic line under the bonnet. Would buy one again. Caused far less trouble than my BMWs.

          Had a C5 mk1 2.0Hdi estate - enormous and very quick once chipped. Loved it. Now onto a 'teutonic' C5 with mechanical suspension (as I baulked at the thought of toys-suspension excepted- in the Exclusive failing). Have to say the steel suspension feels *very* like the hydraulic.

          Do a lot of driving in central France (Indre) seems to be the last home of Xantias. Everyone seems to have one. French peeps I've asked, regard Citroens/Pugs as good reliable cars but wouldn't touch Renault

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

            Renault = electrical problems it seems.

        3. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

          Their resale value was abysmal which said all you needed to know (lots of expensive repairs ahead).

    2. Terry 14

      Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

      The front seats have a lot of leg room and although I normally have my seat right back, I can drive it safely with the seat further forward and room for a small/meduim adult behind me.

    3. Bassey

      Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

      "the amount of space left in the rear when the front seats are pushe right back"

      I'm 6'3" (or 1.9m in real money). I have an i10 and can comfortably sit behind the driver's seat when adjusted for me (1 click from all the way back). My Dad has a BMW 520 and I can't even sit behind the seat when its adjusted for him (5'8") let alone me. Small city cars are actually far better for leg room than a standard family saloon/hatchback because all the seats are very upright in a city car. You're average mondeo/A4/320 etc. has very low seats so the tall have to stick their legs out a long way to get comfy. It also makes them a pain to get into and even worse to get out of for anyone with mobility issues.

    4. Nifty Silver badge

      Re: A new El-Reg unit perhaps?

      My wife has the original C1 (= Aygo). As she's 5'6" this car can ride 4-up with her+ 3 larger adults in perfect comfort. We chose this after I'd had this exact car on hire in France once - you need to drive some hours to appreciate it, looks alone are deceptive.

      I take it work and on long motorway trips to give the engine a good run. It's an astonishing little car, impressively stable on the motorway and much more fun in town than any larger car I've had.

      The tip above about the speakers is a good one - maybe I'll have a look at swapping to Pioneers too, the audio quality is practically the only fault at this price point. Speed-dependent Adaptive volume control on the audio (as is in all Fords nowadays) would have been nice too, wonder it it's in that new Aygo?

  4. Z80

    Spinning gear knob

    I see that's one feature carried over from the original model. To be fair they did fix it when mine went in for a service and it's been fine since. Next time it goes in I'll have to ask them if the loose bit on the inside door handle can be secured...

    Still, I've been very happy with my original Aygo. The economy is good and the performance is fine for what I need. I prefer the looks over this new one too.

  5. dogged

    I like the dash

    Very mini-retro.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The five-door version will easily let four adults get in, travel in some comfort and then get out at the other end with the blood still flowing to all their limbs."

    That's very generous, I'm only 5'8 and even with the seats forward it's still a squash with 2 adults in the back.

    1. Richard Taylor 2 Silver badge

      Ours works very well. 5 doors, occasional short journies with 4 adults, reliable and very fuel efficient. And no, I don't have shares in Toyota

    2. Geoff Campbell

      In my two door, I had three more or less fully grown teenagers in the back, rocking out to Motorhead and Alter Bridge, and they all managed to walk out under their own power. The handling was more or less OK, too.


  7. wolfetone Silver badge

    My first brand new car was a Peugeot 107 (original Aygo really) in 2010, and I still have it after the finance finished. I've done 60,000 miles in it, the clutch is knackered now but when I consider I have driven as far west as Budapest in it (and 13 other EU countries) and as far north as Oban I think it's done quite well.

    During the ownership some b*****d went in to the side of me. Not hard but enough to have the car taken away and fixed. In the meantime I had the original Aygo for 3 weeks - an Aygo Black. The quality in that compared to the 107 was just amazing. 4 speakers (107 has 2), faux leather seats and steering wheel. I was tempted to rip the interior out of the Aygo and swap it with my 107. I love the 107, they're good cars - and this extends to the Aygo.

    Also, a note on performance. The 107 I had can go 114mph (tested on an Autobahn), and the sound from the engine is roary but it's sporty. I like the sound, makes me think it's going "GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH COME ON COME ON PUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLL". It's urgent, I like it. The 107/Aygo is also capable of transporting 4 people from Birmingham to Glasgow, and the 45 degree streets of Glasgow. I've done that twice in the car, and it was fine. I'm also 6ft 3, and had a 6ft guy in the back during this trip and we were both comfortable. The 107 also managed to transport 4 people to the Lake District for camping for the weekend.

    And after all this, I've called it Rocky. It's a tough lil' bastard.

  8. Kar98

    Four adults?

    Maybe if Peter Dinklage and Verne Troyer could be coaxed to have a ride-along, presumably at gun point.

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Re: Four adults?

      No problem DInklage can go in the glove box, and hack the traffic lights while the driver gets attacked

  9. roger stillick

    3cyl 1.0L engines for cities ?? and 6.2L diesel 3/4 ton crew-cab 4WD V8's for all else ??

    Nonsense= the 3cyl ohc engines will run their entire life making 75mph on USA's freeways w/4 persons in the car... folks riding in mine think it's a 1.6L Twin-cam... i just smile...RS.

  10. Gene Cash Silver badge

    "owners can subtly customise their car"

    Over here, people do that by installing doors and hoods of a different color. And once, even a full rear hatch. Flat grey seems to be an extremely popular color, I can't imagine why.

  11. MJI Silver badge

    Previous model

    A family near us has a couple not sure which badge, but they are pretty distinctive. They are all Aygos to me.

    Citroen Aygo

    Peugeot Aygo

    Toyota Aygo

  12. Adam 1

    >Her indoors reckons it looks like an angry insect. Me? Being half Scot, I see echoes of the Saltire in that bold cross pattern slashed across the nose, especially in the blue-and-silver colour scheme that my review car rocked up in.

    I would say they are channelling the Xbox controller.

  13. Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

    How on earth is there 4 grands worth of options on that tested car? The touch screen thingumy was mentioned, I'm struggling to see what else could be removed. Are seats an optional extra?

  14. paulc

    Spare Wheel??????

    complete no goer unless it has one...

  15. Steve 149

    You've got to be kidding, complaining that a city car hasn't got enough urge and that it's noisy. How about a review of a MX5 lamenting the lack boot space... The purpose of these cars is to cheaply transport you around the urban environment whilst keeping pollution levels down, neither power or weight (soundproofing) will help with this. My wife's had two 107s both faultless and a colleague's had three (all being faultless), to me they sound so good with their raspy bark it doesn't need silencing. If you want more performance use higher octane fuel, it makes a great deal of difference here on the hills. As for me I'll keep running around in my 23 year old XM.

  16. melt

    Loved mine.

    Fit eight backpacks, a kitebuggy, a 5-man tent, three helmets and two people in for a weekend.

    It was the proper successor to the original Mini - cubbyholes and intelligent design, and very honest about itself.

    It was hilarious fun and great on fuel too. Always thought a tiny turbo would've suited it as a factory upgrade!

  17. Andy 97

    On our second one.

    My current wife loved the original one so much, she demanded a replacement.

    I own a 'sporty' Golf, but 9/10 I'l always grab the Toyota keys for most jobs.

    Yes, the stereo is so crap (I can't even describe how bad), but replace the speakers and you're golden.

    MPG is good, running costs are excellent.

    I live in the countryside and have never found it wanting in any situation - it's also huge fun to drive.

  18. ecofeco Silver badge

    What's with that grill?

    Is that one of the X-Men's theme cars?

  19. Yugguy

    14 seconds

    Stick a decent engine in and we'll talk. Needs 150bhp at least.

    Other manufacturers have done it, stop fcking about Toyota and make a hot Aygo.

    They could call it a GOAYGOGO

  20. DrXym Silver badge

    Better around cities than elsewhere

    I rented a car at Stanstead and what did I get? A Peugot 107. The driving experience was perfectly fine and it was great for around town. But boot space was puny- enough for a backpack and a couple of bags of shopping. It didn't come with space for a spare tyre either - just a can of gunk to spray into the the flat.

    1. Nifty Silver badge

      Re: Better around cities than elsewhere

      That's strange, the C1 has a full sized spare wheel neatly under the boot floor.

  21. roger stillick

    Toyota Aygo a City slicker ??, Ref= Suzuki Cultus...

    3cyl 1.0L Ohc EFI (even better Turbo'd) engines are very definately for cross-country freeway use, and only the public mind set of big powerful vehicles being the only thing proper for cross-country travel makes them questionable...

    IMHO= downsizing was necessary for no-hassle Airplane travel (minimum luggage), the same is now probably true for no-hassle Auto travel...we tend to forget the VW beetle era when 3 folks could travel 24x7 for a really long time if they packed right... as a 1960's Gi, made many trips Georgia-Oregon, diagonally across the entire USA, average time= 80 hours, using Corvairs or Vw's...30 years later, Geo Metro's were able to do the same stuff (just use a small backpack)... foward to today= our Prius XW30 at 52 mpg over the last 4 years makes my '92 base Geo's 43 mpg about equal (new crate motor 3 years ago) in cents/mile useage...what can Toyota actually do ??

    2014 Toyota Yaris, in the USA, uses the Prius Atkinson cycle hi-effiency 1.5L 4cyl engine (same mileage as 1.0L engines) so a freeway hauler can do can have a Toyota badge, at least here...

    2014 Toyota Aygo has no real back seat, but at 98 mph per factory make it actually faster than my Prius or the USA Yaris...but only for 2 folks, a really nice freeway mileage maker for today...yea...RS.

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