back to article FCC makes up its mind about net neutrality: Er, we'll decide in 2015

US watchdog the FCC has decided to ponder a little more on the fate of net neutrality – and delayed a crucial vote on the issue until next year. The regulator is in the middle of rewriting its rules to guarantee an "open internet" for all, after Verizon decided it didn't like the original rules and sued the agency. And won. …

  1. TraceyC

    Another delay

    The suspense is killing me, I'm in the US.

  2. Mike Moyle

    Delaying the vote until after the first of the year will give the new, Corporate-controlled Republican-controlled Congress to get settled in and hold hearings on net neutrality, where they will blast it as more Obama-decreed government overreach stifling Amurrican bidness and passing a law that prohibits the FCC from classifying ISP as common carriers, taking the responsibility and the blowback off of their plates.

    Or, that's what I'd think if I were a cynical sort of individual; which, of course, I'm not!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No reason needed

    They are waiting for a Republican congree that cares more about the cable industry/contributions then what is best for the public.

    Just look at the chairman's last job.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: No reason needed

      They are waiting for a Republican congree that cares more about the cable industry/contributions then what is best for the public.

      Wasn't it Obama that appointed the head of the cable lobbying group to be the head of the FCC?

  4. joemostowey

    Wait for it...

    Americans will always wait. And wait and wait.

    The FCC (Financing comes from corporations) has no intention of passing anything that will disrupt the cable monopolies. Obama knew this when he appointed Wheeler Dealer. Most folks on the internet realized this at the same time.

    When you have a bought and paid for congress, a court system owned by the monopolies, when the justices of the supremely stupid court openly flaunt their disrespect for the American people by attending lavish parties thrown by the very people they have in front of them (Koch), democracy is simply another word for corruption.

    The USA people despised the Soviets and communists for the corruption in their governments while failing to see the same in the USA government.

    All Wheeler has to do is delay until the GOP congress passes it's bill denying the FCC the authority to regulate the internet ISP under title II. Wheeler wins, The GOP wins the Monopolies win, and the rest of us lose. Why even bother to go to the polls? The gerrymandered districts and Voter restrictions will deny your vote any legitimacy.

    Bush set the stage back in 2000, and in 2014, there is little hop that his proclaiming ISPs as information rather than communication systems will ever be overturned.

    Its simply another version, an electronic version of the Berlin Wall.

  5. tempemeaty
    Big Brother

    Corrupt to the core.

    It's amazing how much the head of the FCC wants to get away with colluding with the industry the FCC is regulating.

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