back to article Red Hat goes nuclear in Linux container wars with Atomic Host beta

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7 has entered beta, giving Red Hat customers a lean, lightweight OS host for container-oriented cloudy IT. The enterprise Linux giant first announced "Project Atomic" at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco in April, with the goal of paring down Shadowman's enterprise Linux OS to give it a …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    may contain systemd

    Too radioactive for me.

  2. thames

    Target Market?

    I have a feeling that Red Hat's target market is going to be different from Canonical's. Red Hat will probably focus on the same sort of enterprise customers that they already have, while Ubuntu, CoreOS, and others will be used by web 3.0 public web sites. It's a big world out there, and the successful Linux vendors tend to focus on specific markets rather than trying (and failing) to be all things to all people.

    1. ofr

      Re: Target Market?

      The question is if the cloud/container scheme fits so well with traditional enterprise applications. Seems much more apt for web apps including the development / deployment cycle.

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