back to article Managing BYOD starts with asset management

The prevalence of BYOD (bring your own device) activity across the enterprise landscape has seen every IT vendor worth its salt try to offer a solution to the problem of keeping employees' mobile devices under control. There are several worthy options, such as CYOD (choose your own device) and managed virtualised desktop …

  1. ecofeco Silver badge

    More BYOD shilling?

    BYOD is a bad idea. Period.

    No, wait, it's a goddamn fucking stupid catastrophe waiting to happen.

  2. MobiLock Pro MDM

    MDM for BYOD Management

    BYOD with the right MDM Solution can do wonders as it provides huge benefits for businesses. BYOD has its share of potential and obvious security risks which can be highly mitigated through a powerful MDM Solution.

  3. Scalefusion

    Ease your BYOD Management with an MDM Solution

    Companies who are looking for BYOD implementation should go for any MDM solution to have proper control over the device and their data security because it is always a risk of your company data when they use their own device for work.

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