back to article 'Older' WireLurker previously tried, failed to leap from Windows to iThings

An older version of WireLurker, the newly discovered malware capable of spreading onto Apple iOS devices from infected Mac OS X systems, once targeted Microsoft Windows, it has emerged. WireLurker is the first malware capable of attacking non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads, smashing the conventional wisdom that such devices are …

  1. Tom 13

    Walled gardens are great

    Right up until the thugs scale the walls to get inside and the walls are now trapping you with the thug.

    This is not an Apple only criticism. In fact, it's probably my biggest issue with Windows 8 even though its crap interface has gotten more phosphorous.

    1. Glenn 6

      Re: Walled gardens are great

      The problem is that people who intentionally seek out apparently illegal and pirated software outside of Apple's walled garden App Store.

      Meaning, same as any other pirated software you download, you get what's coming to you re: malware.

  2. imaginarynumber

    but there has been malware in the ios app store

    There were at least two high profile malicious apps in the app store. Both were placed there by researchers as proof of concept. The first being Charlie Millers. It is possible that other malware has gone undetected.

  3. Arctic fox

    "Apple tells the Reg: We pulled the security certificate"

    They talked to you? Good grief, they must have been scared by this.

  4. Stevie Silver badge


    I knew this would end up somehow being Microsoft's fault.

  5. Frankee Llonnygog

    The WireLurker iOS malware (PDF) ...

    Well that's one PDF link I won't be clicking on

  6. Slap


    What I find funny is that malware affecting Apple products is reported everywhere when it merely exists. In the Windows world it's only reported when it starts doing significant damage.

    I'm a long term Apple user, and the truth is that there has always been malware and viruses for the Mac (the autostart worm springs to mind) and there always will be. Unfortunately most Mac users blindly carry on having made the erroneous leap of faith that Apple systems are immune to malware.

    Sure, Apple systems are, by design, a harder target than windows, but most Mac heads fail to take even the most basic steps to mitigate themselves from infection.

    Hell, the vast majority of Macs I come across have only one account, and that by default has to be an admin account.

    Eventually there will be a hard and damaging piece of malware hit the Apple world. Unfortunately it will take that to alter the "I'm immune" culture that Mac users have.

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