back to article Why 120 people protested outside San Francisco City Hall (Hint: 'Hybrid' net neutrality)

If you wandered through San Francisco's Civic Centre Plaza on Thursday between 6pm and 6.35pm at the City Hall end, it would have been hard, though not impossible, to avoid a protest held against new net neutrality proposals. With just two days' notice, a turnout of 100 to 120 people is pretty good (although 333 said they …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    The penchant for bad public policy goes on

    Cable companies should not be given permission to throttle content providers based on whether they agree to what amounts to extortion. Also, imagine what accessing customer service or government websites is going to be like if there is a "fast lane" for certain content providers. I doubt most companies or the government are going to pay for access to the fast lane for people who have various customer or public service queries.

    1. frank ly

      Re: The penchant for bad public policy goes on

      "I doubt most companies or the government are going to pay for access to the fast lane .."

      They might even pay to have that traffic go in the slow and regularly dropped lane. Just part of the paid options list when everything is for sale.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: The penchant for bad public policy goes on

        "They might even pay to have that traffic go in the slow and regularly dropped lane. Just part of the paid options list when everything is for sale."

        This is exactly right, and it is the only reason for 2 lanes. There aren't lanes for the fast and slow, there are lanes for the friend and foe. Of course us millions of customers are by default in the foe lane, and they'll put the squeeze on us for every cent, but that's just SNAFU :-/ Truthfully, I think the government should pay some serious attention on how each and every rate increase is justified, but who's dealing in justice these days?

        I'm not pessimistic, I'm conscious.

  2. ITS Retired

    Common Carriers

    Internet providers need to be declared "Common Carriers". That is what they actually are anyway. They don't have much, if any say in where their Internet customers surf, correct? You give them an outrageous bunch of money every month and they in return let you on the information highway to go wherever.

    Unless a person is sitting inside a private business, the Internet is wide open to most anyone that can get on. Me thinks that pretty much meets the definition of common carrier.

    The FCC needs to declare them common carries, drop the gavel and go to lunch. They won't though, because the FCC deck is stacked with people beholden to those very same businesses they are supposed to be regulating. No wonder this is taking so long to be settled.

  3. joemostowey

    Net Neutrality? Just a sham fight

    Wheeler dealer, The FCC 's version of Holder Folder, the Wall Street apologist, who helped Obama save the criminals of the USA financial crash from prosecution, is just another Obama appointee favored by the money folks who put Obama in the white house.

    His Primary mission? Stall, prevent the FCC from imposing regulations that would cut into the monopolies profits, and , if all else fails, implement a policy that would secure their profits and business models for the next two decades- hence the hybrid.

    Sure Obama "says" he's for net neutrality. He was also "for" prosecuting and bringing to justice those who crashed the American economy. A few faux fines (they are tax write offs, so the taxpayer will actually pay the fines and the banks will keep their trillions in ill gotten gains), Obama's public words are in conflict with what has actually taken place during his presidency. And appointees like Wheeler and Holder are the front men.

    In the last election, millions of Democrats on some level have realized this and didn't bother to vote. Why vote democrat? Why vote at all? We know they can't, or won't push for real progress. We know these hearings, and public calls for comments are a sham. These politicians know who butters their bread- and it ain't the voting taxpayer- its the campaign contributors, the folks with money.

    Net neutrality will die. Banks and financial institutions will continue to steal(Legally) and legislation like Obama care will continue to be giveaways to insurance companies and pharmaceuticals.

    Every law passed in Washington over the last six years, like the eight years of the Bush presidency have screwed the American people while making too big to fail even more entrenched into the American economy.

    Democrats are simply Republicans. All are indebted to big money. The supremely Stupid court is bought and paid for. So is congress, and the President. The FCC is, like most agencies headed by political appointees simply reflections of the people who pay for them- the monopolies. Every thing is a sham. all the meetings, the public comment period- all for show.

    Why vote? Why support or legitimize the political process when its rigged against you? So we didn't. Obama lost the youth vote with the Sham FCC and Net neutrality. He lost the votes of the Middle class with Holder, he lost the vote of the minorities with his stalling on immigration reforms.

    His whole Presidency has been simply a change in faces, The monopolies set the agenda, as they did under Bush, as they do in congress, as they will in 2016.

    The players are shuffled, but the game is still played the same way, the power originates from the same place and the outcome is fore-ordained.

    Net Neutrality will lose. Has already been lost, was dead aborning. Everything was just for show to legitimize in the public's mind that they "fought the good fight" and lost.

  4. WalterAlter

    Give them a taste of the Hell they have given us

    'Bout damned time that the cyberati took to the streets with an armload of bricks over one of many needful Internet issues. Join me sometime in the future as we assault the revetments of idiocy with the DEMAND that all humans on the planet be given free fiber optic connectivity as our birthright to be INFORMED. The neo-feudalist oligarchs, and their psychological profiling Orcs, think it's going to be another day of business as usual on the fiefdom, lashing their ignorant and superstitious peasantry. I snap my fingers under your nose...

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